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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Guanajuato, Mexico

Had a nice sleep at the Botanical Gardens. We were getting caught up on internet stuff around 9am, when who drives up but our new friend Les!

Les had been to the market just down the road from us, and took a chance that we were still here. He brought us a big bag of fresh strawberries! Thanks Les!

After we ate some strawberries, we headed for Guanajuato. Again, a pretty short drive. It was 80kms (50 miles) to the Bugamville RV Park. The road was just a 2 lane back road, but it was nicely paved, and hardly any traffic. And it was scenic as well!

When we arrived at Bugamville, there was nobody in the office. We just went ahead and got ourselves parked up. There are no other RV’s here, and the field where you park can hold probably 60 RV’s. About an hour later, a car drove up and Enrique got out. He’s the owner here, and he speaks quite good English. We filled out the registration sheet, and I could see on the sheet all of the RV’s that had come through here during the month of November. There were maybe 10 other names on the list, and although I only glanced at it quickly, I think all of them were from Quebec. The last one to come through was on Nov 25. We have noticed in past years that very few Americans RV in Mexico. And we have noticed that quite a few Quebecers do. Enrico wanted 170 pesos ($14.50) per night, but we explained that we didn’t need any hookups and he reduced his price to 150 pesos ($12.80) per night. We paid for two nights.

The actual city of Guanajuato (pop 85,000) is still 9 kms (5.5 miles) from where we are parked. Enrico explained the bus system to us, and tomorrow we will pay the 5 pesos ($0.43) each to take the local bus into town. Whiskey has volunteered to stay behind and guard Sherman. Good Whiskey!

Another beautiful sunny day. We decided to just relax and read outside. Well, that’s what I decided anyhow! Ruth kept herself very busy doing some more laundry by hand. Then, she made stew for tomorrow’s dinner. Then, she made Whiskey’s food. Then she made dinner. Then, she made granola bars. Then, she baked a loaf of bread so that we could take egg sandwiches with us for lunch tomorrow. She says she would rather do hand laundry in Mexico than have a washing machine in snowy, cold Canada!

How much do you want to bet that tomorrow will be another perfect day??!!

Here's today's drive....

Today's drive 80 kms (50 miles)


  1. Sounds like all you do is EAT!!!! Enjoy the city, Les

  2. Hi Ruth,
    What do you put in Whiskey's food? Mojo has a mixture of: Cooked chicken liver (purred..sp), gluten free brown rice, olive oil & honey. We then freeze in little containers and add this to his dry food which is gluten free. He's been on it for a couple of years and we think it helps.

  3. Les...Yes, that's all we do lol! Enjoyed the city today, very different from San Miguel. Thanks for the strawberries, they are so good!

    Kelly...Right now all I do is boil some potatoes, carrots and brown rice and some cooked ground chicken, mash it up and then mix it with a bit of canned dogfood. Whiskey has to have lots of fluid now and a low protien diet. The vet was suppose to email me a recipe for her but hasn't yet. Could you send the one you make Mojo, to [email protected]. Thanks Kelly. Whiskey says to say hi to Mojo for her.

    Kevin, Ruth and Whiskey

  4. Any problems baking bread in the heat and humidity(rising and yeast)?

  5. trkdrivinfool...No, not really, We were at a higher altitude so it is cooler in the mornings and evenings, that was when I would bake. It became much hotter when we went further south. I still baked but not as much and always early in the morning.

    Kevin, Ruth and Whiskey


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