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Where are Kevin and Ruth now? Chinguetti, Mauritania.

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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Two months down, five months to go!

Wow the time goes fast.  We have already been back at the campground two months so we now have five to go until we leave for Mexico!  Our last couple of weeks have been pretty busy and I am only now getting back to a regular routine and have most things caught up.

Lindsey, our daughter, arrived here a week ago Monday and spent a week with us.  We had a good visit despite the fact that she didn't feel well from Thursday on, but she said she wasnt going to let it affect her.  Kevin has alread given you the run down on that.  I took the Tuesday and Wednesday off to spend time with her and Kevin's parents  Tuesday evening, Kevin picked up his parents at the train station and they stayed in one of the cottages here until Thursday when they headed back. This way they were able to spend a little more time with Lindsey.  I had a nice lasanga made for supper when they arrived and Lindsey had a salad made up.

Wednesday, we went into Kingston to Value Village (a large secondhand chain store). Lindsey realized that she never packed any shorts and it was pretty hot.  She was able to wear a pair of my capris (slightly large on her) but my selection of shorts were too big for her.  Kevin's Dad was also looking for a spring/fall jacket to replace one that the cleaners ruined on him.  Then in the afternoon we just sat back and relaxed.  Kevin's Mom and Dad treated us out for dinner to the Wok-In Restaurand (our favourite one for Thai food). Unfortunately we forgot the camera, although Lindsey took a few with her Blackberry but we didn't download them to the computer before she left.

Thursday, Lindsey went with Kevin to meet my dad in Perth so that she could spend the night with him and come back the next day.  Kevin gave you the low down on that day.  In the evening Kevin's parents headed back to Ottawa on the train.

Saturday, Lindsey and I went to the bus station just after lunch and picked up Alex, he was going to stay the night with us and visit with his sister.  We had a great time, but I'll tell you that Sherman is not meant to sleep four people in three different beds!  It was pretty crowded, I don't think I could deal with that on a long term basis.  It was only the second time that we had to use the kitchenette bed, last fall when my sister and her son stayed a night we had to use it.  Alex went back on the evening bus on Sunday and Lindsey on the plane Monday morning.  All of a sudden everything was quiet again.

I took Monday and Tuesday off again this week, just to catch up on laundry (5 loads), cleaning and shopping.  It is Thursday today and I think everything is just about done, Kevin is giving Sherman a good vacuum right now.

We had beautiful weather when everyone was here, but it has started raining in just the last couple of days.  The ground sure needed it, the only problem is now, it doesn't want to stop.  It is suppose to continue for the weekend, hopefully the weathermen are wrong.

Kevin gave you an update on Lindsey yesterday and I just got an email from her less than an hour ago saying that she was back home from the hospital, so that should mean that she is doing well, we will call her tonight and see how she is.


  1. Time sure goes fast!!!
    5 months and you are off to your favorite place in the whole world!!!
    (and hopefully me too!)


  2. Maybe we will see you on the road, Wild Blue Yonder! Good luck with your house.


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