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Friday, June 11, 2010

Figuring out the inverter installation

When I got home from work at just before 5pm today, I spent an hour and a half trying to figure out where to install the inverter. I felt like I worked at it for a long time, and didn't get anything accomplished.

The problem is that I am trying to do it so that there will not be any wires out in the open. But the batteries are on one side of Sherman, and the electrical system is on the other side. The inverter needs to be installed out of the elements, and cannot be in the same compartment as the batteries.

I have heavy duty cables for the inverter that are 6 feet long, so the inverter can be installed within 6 feet of the batteries. But then either the 6 foot cables or the 120v wiring needs to go under the floor. And the floor in that section is ducted for the heating system, so I have to be careful where I drill holes.

I am leaning towards installing it on the floor in the cabinet under the kitchen sink. But the area where I can drill the hole in the floor is fairly tight. I must have crawled under the motorhome about 6 different times trying to figure this out and I still feel like I'm unsure.

Going to have to ponder this a little more, I think.

On another note, Ruth has been busy posting some of our old tripjournal writings to this blog. If you check the archives on the right side, you can now go back to June of 2008 to see what we were up to then.


  1. We are VERY new to RVing. Just purchased a 2008 Navion. At the chance of being dubbed as ... well, totally in the dark .... I will dare to ask the question ... what is the benefit of installing an inverter? When would we use it? We can plug in laptops, etc into the plugs in the RV, which we have plugged into the campground plug. Thanks. And thanks for not rolling your eyes TOO much. We're just starting.

  2. Hi Anonymous,

    You would use an inverter only when another source of 120 volt electricity (generator or campground plug) is not available. An inverter allows you to produce 120 volt power from your 12 volt house battery(ies). We don't stay at a lot of campgrounds when travelling, so we have solar panels, batteries, and an inverter for our power needs.


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