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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Inverter installed!

I was lucky to be able to leave work at the RV place at 3:00pm this afternoon, so I came back to the KOA and went right to work on that inverter installation. Figured I had better take advantage of some unexpected free time!

I did some measuring and figured out exactly where to drill the holes through the floor under the kitchen sink area. I decided that was the best place to mount the inverter. I didn't wire the inverter output directly to the 120v system, but decided it was just as easy to simply plug our main AC power cord (which is located in the compartment under the kitchen sink) into the inverter whenever we need to.

I tested the system and showed Ruth how everything works. With the main power cord plugged in to the inverter, the fridge works fine on electric and shows a usage reading of 280 watts. Turning off the fridge and trying the microwave shows usage of 800 watts. Ruth's hairdryer on the setting she uses it shows a reading of 950 watts.

But the majority of the time, this is just so that we can use the laptops and have them plugged in to the built in electrical outlets so we don't have wires running all over the living area.

Karen and Steveio had mentioned the other day that it may not be logical to run the fridge off the batteries when parked up. I agree, that in a real life scenario it may not make sense. But when we have full sun down in Mexico during the day, we would probably be able to do it for at least part of the day, and then switch it back to propane at night.

Anyhow, that's one more job done! Should be able to get something else accomplished tomorrow because I'm only doing a short 11-4 shift at the RV place.

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