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Monday, June 21, 2010

Visiting my sister and a long walk.

On Sunday, I finished up worked at 1pm and went back to Sherman and my Dad to get some lunch and then we were heading off to Dundas which is the other side of Toronto and very close to Hamilton.

The weather was overcast and as we we driving to Toronto, we did hit a couple of rain showers and then the sun started coming out.  The rest of the drive was great.  My Dad was concerned about the traffic thru Toronto as it was a Sunday afternoon and thought it would be pretty busy with the traffic coming back from cottage country. It was actually not bad.  We did have a few sections where we were slowed right down but never can to a stand still, so actually did not bad time wise.  I think it took us about 3 1/2 hours.

My sister, Lesley had to work but she had made some spagetti and sauce for us which was simmering on the stove.  After filling our tummy's we took her dog Tia out for a walk, which she really enjoyed.  There are lots and lots of trails to walk on in this area, so we took one that was across the road and down a bit from her place.  It takes you through some bush in a conservation area and then up to a park and then along a trail on a old railroad bed.  As we were coming back down the hill on a fairly main road we spotted a deer on the grassy hill beside us.  Tia han't noticed it , but it saw us.  We stood there watching it for several minutes and it watching us, occassionally twitching an ear or it's tail.  Once Tia saw it, it was off.  It seems so funny to see one right there in the middle of town, but apparently there are quite a few around and is a normal occurance around here.

Today after sleeping in until 8:00am, I couldn't believe it when I walked into the kitchen.  I can't remember the last time I slept in like that.  We had breakfast and then decided where we wanted to go for the day.  It was decided that we would head through Hamilton to the edge of Lake Ontario where they have a great multi-use pathway, by this time I think it ws around 10:30 or 11am.  We started the trail at Hutch's near Confederation Park and walked all the way down to the Skyway Bridge and the Lift Bridge about 5.8km's (3.6mi).  It was sunny and warm, almost hot, by the time we got to the bridges it was hot!  We were concerned for Tia for the walk back, but we rested in the shade by the bridges for a while, which worked to our benefit as some boats went through while we were waiting, so we saw the bridge go up.  Unfortunately they weren't big ships, just a couple of pleasure boats, one with a tall mast.

Lake Ontario from the Beach Strip Trail

Lake Ontario from the Beach Strip Trail looking the other way

Boat coming up to the lift bridge, looks like it could get under no problem!

Bridge up a little higher

And higher for that little boat?

Ah.... the tall mast on this one is the reason!

Once we turned around and headed back, Lesley took Tia into the water to cool her off, we did this several times on the way back and that helped Tia out a lot along with the water we brought for her. One little stand along the way had a big water bowl out for the dogs, I thought that was great. The path was getting lots of use, especially as we headed back, it was fairly busy.

A backyard with a nice perch in the tree to get a great view of the lake

Lesley and Tia just after cooling off in the water

Once back at the car there is a restuarant called Hutch's Restaurant that has been there since 1946 and has built a reputation for its fish and chips which we decided to partake in.  One piece of fish and fries was $6.60 and good value.  You definitely got a plate full, we couldn't finish our fries and they were real fresh cut fries, don't see them much anymore.  The restaurant also sells hamburgs, hot dogs, 12" hot dogs and they are huge!!! A meal by itself.

Exhausted from the walk (11.6km or 4.2mi) we hopped back in the car and did a small tour on the back roads of some of the farms that Lesley works at.  During the days she is a groomer for a couple that own and breed thoroughbred horses or board them.  They have their own farm as well as several other places that they rent out a barn on a few farms in the area.  One is at a place that is worth about 24 million dollars!  They spared no expense on it.  She also took us to the farm were her boss lives and showed us all the mares and the new foals from this year.

My Dad and Lesley in the barn at the expensive farm.  Notice the beautiful pine wood ceiling and walls!

One of the barns on the farm, not the one Lesley gets to work at!

View of the expensive house

Mom and baby
Another baby

Back at her place we relaxed, it was close to supper time but no one was hungry, still full from the fish and chips.  Later we headed to the Dairy Queen for some dessert.  Now I have to do a couple of haircuts and then it will be off to bed.  I am tired!


  1. Aww those foals are so sweet! They don't know if they were born in a palace or a shed out back! haha

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  2. They were so sweet. These ones weren't at the expensive farm and they are in a shed out back now, lol. The farm is still very nice but nothing like the expensive one. The horses there have it better than we did in the old house we used to have!


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