Ruth, on the lake boardwalk at Eden, New South Wales, Australia.
Where are Kevin and Ruth right now? Eden, New South Wales, Australia.

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Sunday, June 20, 2010


A lot of people like those stick on maps that you attach to the side of your RV and then put the sticker of every state that you visit onto the map.

But the company that makes them stopped producing them about two years ago. Another company took over, and changed the design. But nobody likes the new design.

I still have one of the old design, brand new in the bag. If anybody wants it, it will probably cost you a bunch of money... but at least you know where you can get one!


  1. Unless they added Provinces, I'm not game :))
    I always kind found them a little tacky, it is good to put that on your blog, but is it really necessary to advertise where you have been?
    JMHO of course. No offence to anyone that has one.

  2. I have seen some rv'ers attach them to their blogs. Anyone know the site they come from? Thanks

  3. Here's a good blog map program that somebody designed...

  4. do you still have it

  5. could you email me how much, including shipping to 06340 zip


  6. Do you still have the old style stick on state maps? if so can you email me the price and shipping to 73162.
    thanks nishia

  7. Kevin & Ruth -

    Do you still have the old style available? If so, could you tell me what shipping to 94956 would be?



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