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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Trying to get things done

This working 7 days a week is great for the finances, but it doesn't leave much time to get things done.

I get home around 5pm, and the typical weeknight goes something like this...about an hour getting caught up on the computer, then supper, then Wheel of Fortune, then Jeopardy, then take Whiskey for a walk, then watch a DVD, then another half hour on the computer, then bed. Saturday is not much different, then Sunday I get an extra couple of hours in the morning before going to work from 11-4.

I really don't mind working all the hours because I keep in mind the goal of having 5 months this winter in Mexico. But my motorhome maintenance isn't getting done.

We have daylight now until about 8:30pm, so I'm making more of a point of coming home and doing something productive to Sherman. Yesterday evening I took the microwave out and cleaned all the vents around it. Did the same thing with the power converter. It's amazing how much dust and dog hairs get in and around the vents.

It's the fist time I've taken the microwave out, and who knows if the previous owners ever did. It was pretty grungy in there.

Microwave now nice and clean

One thing that stood out when I removed the microwave was how heavy it is. The second thing that stood out is how nice and big the compartment is that the microwave sits in. Put that together with how little we use the microwave (especially when we're travelling) and I had an idea.

When we head for Mexico this fall, the microwave is staying behind!

This compartment could sure store a lot of stuff!

As it is, we normally use the microwave as a bread box. We do use it as a microwave occasionally, but more for just heating up leftovers. We could easily do without it.

Anyhow, got those two areas cleaned up. Will try and make my free time in the evenings a little more productive!

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