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Friday, April 2, 2010

Motorhome maintenance

Today is looking like a beautiful day, and I have lots of work to do to Sherman the motorhome. And, I'm going to take those noisy winter tires off the little car and put the new summer tires on. But we do have a job list for the motorhome that will have to be completed before we head to Mexico in the fall...

I had bought some polish for the motorhome. It's called Renew 3000 and it's by far the best that I've used. I did one side last fall, and now need to get the back and other side done.

We have a power steering belt that is making an annoying sqealing noise when we start up cold. Definitely need to fix that!

I want to change all of the cooling system hoses. They look in good shape, but I have no idea how old they are. Definitely don't want a hose blowing out on a steep mountain road in the Mexico heat!

I need to check all the lights. Not that we do much night driving, but I admit that we haven't looked at them since last year! And the emergency brake. Didn't use it at all this trip to Florida, and I don't want to put it on and have it seize up or something. So I need to check that.

I need to reseal the furnace and buy some weatherstripping for the interior door. Far too much water got in there last week, although it was a driving rainstorm. Still, there shouldn't be anything getting in there.

We want to replace the carpet in the living and dining area. And maybe some hardwood floor in the bathroom. There is carpet in the bathroom just now, which Ruth doesn't like. And I admit that it doesn't make sense to have carpet in the bathroom, although I like it on a cold night when you have to get up and go!

And I still have to install the new solar panel that I bought off ebay in February. Not a big rush to do that now, but it'll have to be done sometime this summer.

And there has been some leaking from the bottom up over the last few years. When driving in the rain, moisture gets through the floor seams into the sidewall. It does this in 3 areas, and I'm going to have to get under the wheel well and remove the old sealant and fix it properly. It's going to be a messy job, but it has to be done because the interior sidewalls are starting to delaminate in those areas. Most RV's have water problems starting from the roof or windows. Sherman leaks from the bottom up!

Anyhow, that's the majority of what we need to accomplish over the next 7 months. Lots of work, but lots of time to do it. But it's a beautiful day, so we better get started!


  1. Wow that's quite a list of things to accomplish! Good luck, hope you get it all done! I laughed at the comment of Sherman leaking from the bottom up! LOL. When looking at motorhomes this summer, I will surely have to get on my knees and see if there's anything underneath that looks leaky!
    Sure wish I was more mechanically inclined!

    Good luck getting it all done!

  2. Better start now if you want to be done by fall, I'm still working on a list for last summer, Sam & Donna

  3. Sounds like you made your very own Honey Do list!

    Karen and Steve
    (Blog) http://kareninthewoods-kareninthewoods.blogspot.com/

  4. Yes, that is a bit of a list. And I thought of a couple more things today too! Hmmm...check back with me in a couple of months and see how many of these items I've completed. I may need a kick in the rear...!

    Ha...yes, I made my own Honey Do list! (Actually, Ruth did contribute...)

  5. Hi Kevin,
    Couple of maintenance suggestions. Blow out the flue areas of the furnace, fridge and hot water heater on a yearly basis. The soot builds up and can cause problems. Also add fuel filters to your list.

    Thanks for the info on the batteries. I read the solar site and found it very informative. Hope your bat cable runs turned out okay.

    91 HR Imperial 37'

  6. Thank you for the maintenance suggestions, Kevin has cleaned them out but hasn't actually blown them out. The cables did turn out fine, by the way.


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