Where are Kevin and Ruth now? Rhede, Germany.

Where are Kevin and Ruth going next? Papenburg, Germany.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Trip expenses...updated 10:30pm

Just totalling everything up from our month away.

We spent a total of $1,080.50 CAN on fuel. We bought 375 gallons of gas at an average of $2.77 US per gallon. That's about 76 cents per litre Canadian, so fuel is still much cheaper in the US than it is here in Canada. I notice this morning it's 98 cents per litre in Kingston. We drove almost 3,700 miles, so there's that 10 mpg figure that always seems to come up with a motorhome.

Filled up the propane tank yesterday afternoon, for the first time since October. Cost $45 to fill the propane tank.

Going to have to update the rest later....gotta go to work!

Spent $334 on groceries. If you've been following us at all, you'll know that we don't do restaurants very often, so this is a pretty true representation of our food costs for a month. In fact, the average of the last 5 months is $347 per month, so we're pretty consistent around that for a month.

Purchased $153 worth of booze, and this is slightly higher than our average because we do tend to drink a little more than average (and yes, more than we should!) when we're not working. We also bought more than we needed because we could bring some back to Canada duty free. So technically, some of that should go into April's expenses.

Spent $130 on "miscellaneous". This ranges from the minor items at Walmart such as sandals and a backpack, to our son's baseball food and our laundry. You know...miscellaneous stuff!

Entertainment expenses were WAY up over average. We spent $191 for the month, and that was reduced by $80 due to Ruth's luck at the casino on our last night on the road. Other than that, our Nascar tickets ($77 each) and Luray Caverns tickets ($22 each) were the major expenses in that category.

We spent $193 on overnight expenses, or "camping". $150 of that was our 5 days at Martinsville for the race.

And, a capital expense for motorhome improvements of almost $500, mostly for the new Trojan T-105 batteries for Sherman. These will come in handy next winter in Mexico because we will be truely self sufficient from an electricity perspective and this should further reduce our campground costs.

Taking out the cost of the batteries, we had a one month long holiday in the motorhome, covering 3,700 miles...for $2,100. That's not bad!

As a side note, the weather here for April the first is abnormally fantastic! Here's me this evening doing the BBQ...

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