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Friday, April 30, 2010

The past week working at the KOA

Well the past week has been an a productive one.  The week before, I really only worked two mornings and the Friday and during that time Lynn and I took all the storage stuff out of the cabins, like the patio furniture for the super sites, playground stuff, the pedal go carts, some BBQ's for seasonal campers, the lawn chess set.  On the Friday we gave the washrooms a good thorough cleaning from top to bottom.

This week was definitely a busier week.  Lynn and I needed to go through the cabins, all six of them. Four are one room cabins and two are two room cabins and vacuum, dust and clean every nook and cranny.  These cabins consist of wooden beds with vinyl covered mattresses (that were stored in the main building for the winter), a bar sized fridge, a microwave, an air conditioner, a wooden swing out on the porch and picnic table.  It doesn't sound like much, but after a winter of dust and dirt, it takes a while to go through them.

Four of the six cabins
After the cabins were done we moved on to the cottages.  These are two roomed...one room is a bathroom that has a shower, toilet and sink.  The other room includes a double bed, and a set of bunk beds, also the bar fridge, microwave, table and four chairs and an electric fireplace.  This KOA here has four of these cottages.

One of the four cottages

They have also brought in two lodges this year.  These units are fully equipped, and are similar to park model RV's.  One bedroom with a double bed, one bedroom with a set of bunkbeds, a  full bathroom, a kitchen with a full fridge, two burner stove top, sink, dishes, table and chairs, double futon/couch, TV, air conditioner and out on the deck a propane BBQ, picnic table and wooden swing.  These units aren't up and running yet so we haven't had to go through and do a thorough cleaning on these yet.  Not sure I am looking forward to cleaning these over the summer, I think they will be high maintenance!

George and Hans, making sure everything is operating correctly!

The park is kept very clean and Hans the owner takes pride in it.  The bathrooms are modern and relatively new so we keep them very clean and the campers tend to do the same so its not really hard to keep them that way.  We are always complimented on how clean the washrooms are.

Pretty fancy campground washrooms!

It is really quite a nice park as RV parks go.  The only draw back is that it isn't on any water, ie lake or river, but they have a nice swimming pool to make up for that.  And there is a nice walking trail that Whiskey likes to go on and they have a wonderful off leash dog park that gets used quite a bit.  Its not a big campground I think it has about 120 sites, mostly for RV's but some for tents.

The off leash dog park

Opening day is tomorrow, although a few have already come in tonight.  Kevin and I won't be here tomorrow, we will be up early, and hopefully on the road (in the car) by 6am or 6:15am in order to get to Plattsburg, NY by 11am for the seniors ceremony that they will have before the first game which is scheduled to start at 12noon.  Its a double header tomorrow and after the last game they are having a get together at the Ponderosa for dinner.


  1. Wow that is a lot of work to get the campground open for the season. Looking forward to the posts about the day to day operations of a workkamper!

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  2. Yep, there is quite a bit too do. That was mostly just the housekeeping portion of it. There is the store and all the supplies to stock the shelves and then all the outdoor maintenance to do, but that's not my department.

    I'll keep you posted on things as the summer progresses.


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