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Where are Kevin and Ruth now? Ottawa, Canada.

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Monday, April 19, 2010

Back to Work

Well it was back to work for me.  My life of leisure is over.  I started back to work at the KOA where I will be workcamping again this year.  The campground doesn't open until May 1st, so we have to get things up and running by then.

We are having a fairly sunny day but there is still a cool breeze.  The first order of business was coffee/tea and doughnuts, got to get everyone awake and motivated.  Right now there are only five of us working.  Hans the owner, Lynn who looks after staffing and works wherever needed, Jane and George who sort of manage the place for Hans.  They camp here during the summer as well in their motorhome.  Jane runs the office and store and George does most of the outside work.  Then there is me.  I did most of the housekeeping last year and will again this year, but will be trained to work the computer as well, so I will be spending some of my time in the office/store.

Today Lynn and I were going to scrub down the washrooms and get them in working order but the water in the campground hasn't been turned on yet.  Hans and George are working on getting the water running throughtout the campground today.  Jane is working on cleaning the office and store to get the displays and stock out and on the shelves.  So while they work on the water issue, Lynn and I worked on the flowerbeds, trimming off all the old stuff and raking up all the dead junk and disposing of it.  We were able to get this done in the morning and that is it for me today.  I have to ease into this again, actually I have a doctor's appointment to go to this afternoon.

Tomorrow we will get the washrooms cleaned out in the morning and then I will head off to my dad's in the afternoon and will stay there until Thursday.  Friday it will be back to work full force.  Lynn and I will have to take all the stored things out of the cabins and cottages and get them all cleaned up and ready for opening.  Things shouldn't really be that dirty as everything was nice and clean last fall, so it really is only to get rid of the winter dust and such.

Kevin has been working away all of last week.  He has been enjoying the RV place this year now that he is in charge of the parts department and can do things his way.  He said it is a lot more interesting and there is more to do as he has more motivation.  He blood driving job is going well too, he enjoys the nice drive up to Perth and back, maybe not once the tourist traffic gets out on the road.

Alex's baseball team is still doing well, not quite as good as they would like.  They are now 22 wins and 6 losses.  They are playing a double header again today so these results will change.  Our daughter Lindsey, who lives in Nova Scotia is coming to visit us at the end of May for a week, so we are really looking forward to that.  Other than that not too much happend over the past week.


  1. Sounds like a good start to the camping season!

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  2. Thanks Karen and Steve, it was a great start. They are a great bunch of people to work with.


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