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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Busy 24 hours

Friday night, we were invited over to friends for dinner. It was about a 20 minute drive, and we knew we would have a beverage or two, so we arranged to sleep in their tent trailer for the night, rather than having to drive home.

Ruth, having fruit and chocolate fondu for dessert.

Our friends Christine and Charles are dog lovers, and they have three small dogs. So Whiskey was happy to be able to come along with us for a visit. Then, their neighbour Gail also showed up for dinner, and she brought her two small dogs over as well. So there were six dogs in the house, as well as two cats! All the dogs got along fine, although we had to move the cats to a different room eventually.

Charles and neighbour Gail trying to get the dogs organized for a photo.

This was the best we could do.

Charles and Christine went out to do use their barbeque a couple of weeks ago, but something didn't look quite right.

Sure enough, they will not be having a barbeque until the little starling leaves the nest!

After supper, we tried to have a campfire, but the mosquitoes were terrible. We sat inside the tent trailer watching the fire, when all of a sudden a firetruck shows up because somebody had reported an "unattended fire". This was out in the country, so it was probably just a volunteer, but still....what a waste of resources. Couldn't the neighbour who called the fire department just have driven over and checked things out? Strange people. Anyhow, we eventually called it a night, but we were awake by 5:00am because of too many moquitoes buzzing around. Not a great nights sleep! Oh well, we had fun anyhow and just got up and drove home and grabbed another hours sleep in the motorhome.

I had to work all day at the RV place, and Ruth at the KOA. Ruth's Dad drove down from Arnprior and will be spending tonight with us. Tomorrow, he and Ruth will be driving almost four hours to the other side of Toronto to visit with Ruth's sister for a couple of days, so it's just me and the dawg for the next little while.

Tonight for supper, we went back to "The Wok-In", our favourite little restaurant in Kingston.

The owner, Chris, and his wife Sam. At least that's their "Canadian" names.

Each of our meal choices. Ruth and her Dad each had a spring role as well. Total bill, including tip...$33.


  1. That food looks good!
    I bet the dogs had a blast, dogs love to socialize! I am glad though, that we don't greet each other like dogs do!
    You will sleep good in your own bed tonight!

  2. Have you ever tried a Thermocell for mosquitos? They work GREAT! We use them all the time, and they keep the skeeters at bay for a 20 foot bubble all around you. We live on a river and woods that are swarms of them buggers, and we can sit out on our deck and not get bit. It's like an invisible wall that the don't dare cross the line. Amazing. Check at Walmart in the lawn and garden, sometimes sporting goods dept. Also at Cabellas and Gander Mountain stores.

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  3. Wild Blue Yonder - Yep, the dogs had a great time. Whiskey was tired after that! Yes, we slept much better last night!

    Karen and Steve - Thanks for the tip about the Thermacell product. Turns out the Canadian Tire store across the road from the RV place I work at has them in stock...I'm going to go buy one!

  4. Kevin, did you get a Thermacell? How did it work?

  5. Hi Chris...I only bought it today. Haven't had a chance yet to try it out, but I'll do a blog post on it when I do.


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