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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Duck hunting

I'm not a hunter... not even close. I have no ambition to kill anything. Well, except for maybe the guy who was tailgating me all the way back to Kingston today. Anyhow, I saw something today that made me think about hunting. Sort of.

So I'm turning onto a dirt road where I have to do a pick up at a doctors office. As soon as I make the turn, there's a little downhill stretch, and I'm accelerating. Out of the brush at the side of the road a mother duck appears, and right behind her were her eight or ten little babies. These little ones were young...tripping over each other trying to keep up with Mom.

As soon as she appeared, I hit the brakes and came to a stop. This scared her a little and she cut to the side of the road. But seeing that I had stopped, she proceeded cautiously across the road..with the little ones close behind. One of the little ones tripped and fell on it's back, and then another one did. They were flopping around like crazy trying to right themselves and the mother stopped and went back to help them. One got itself sorted out, but the mother had to nudge the other one to get it back on it's feet. Ruth has already told me off for not having the camera with me. There have been several times I have seen wildlife on that drive that I wished I had my camera.

Anyhow, they scurried across the road and made it safely into the bush on the other side.

So I'm thinking about this on the way home. People purposely go duck hunting to kill an adult duck.

I purposely stopped to avoid killing a bunch of future adult ducks that someone else will purposely kill.

And the 20 second experience made my day.

Life is funny sometimes.


  1. Okay that's it. From NOW ON you have a camera ready!!!!

  2. Hopefully no one will shoot them!

  3. Justin and I had a rough experience the other day. We were driving and just before we turned in our appartment complex we see a small bird that was too young too fly hop across the cross walk, so we stopped and just as we were getting out to help it and take it home to nurse back to health some car ran it over. Poor guy must have fell out of his nest and couldn't find mommy. anyways i was a little upset so we tried to forget about it and went home.

    you should've had your camera Dad!

  4. Wild Blue Yonder...I think Kevin will start remembering the camera now.

    Karen and Al...I hope not too, but unfortunately something else might.

    Lindsey...sorry for your experience, its hard to see and harder still when you can't do anything to stop it. That's the circle of life! As I said to Wild Blue Yonder, I think Dad will remember the camera now.

  5. So cute about the baby ducks... glad you stopped to let them pass. One day I stopped to watch a momma fox wrangle four rambunctious youngsters across the road. They were NOT behaving and she finally sat down, like a dog, panting. She looked at me and her face clearly said: "KIDS! What's a Mother to do?"

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  6. Karen and Steve...That sounds so cute. Kids are all the same, doesn't seem to matter who or what they are, always testing their limits!


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