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Monday, June 7, 2010

New GPS unit

Back on May the 5th, I had mentioned that we were thinking about getting a new GPS unit. Our old one was acting funny, and the maps were getting fairly outdated.

And so I have been keeping my eyes open for a deal.

Yesterday, I found that deal. I was in no rush to buy, since we really don't NEED one right away, and if nothing came along I was just going to buy one in the U.S. as we head our way down to Mexico in late October or early November.

But Sears has a steal of a deal on a TomTom XL340S. This is a 4.3" widescreen, and INCLUDES maps of Mexico! Normal retail on this unit in Canada is around $159...Sears has it on sale for $99....a fantastic deal. I simply couldn't see a unit like this getting any cheaper.

And TomTom came out with it's most recent map version only last week. Part of the deal is that if you buy, you are allowed to download the newest map for a period of 30 days after purchase. So I did that yesterday.

The only better deal I could think of is if you got the same unit with lifetime map updates, but they currently run at over $200, and I couldn't justify spending the extra all at once. Our old GPS lasted over 3 years without any map updates, so I think this one will do fine in that regard. Plus, TomTom has a neat "user update" system that is free.

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