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Wednesday, June 2, 2010


So it turns out that our daughters "kidney stone" was actually an enlarged appendix. She went back to Nova Scotia on Monday, in as much pain as what she was in when we took her to the hospital last Thursday.

She still had abdominal pain when she landed in Halifax, so her husband took her to the hospital. They did x-rays and a CT Scan and said that she had appendicitis. She had the surgery last night.

Everything went well, and we were able to speak with her on the phone this morning. She says the doctor told her that he poked around in there and everything else looks normal. Her appendix was not inflamed, but it was abnormally enlarged. She says she feels fine except for the area where the incision was. She'll remain in hospital overnight tonight, and they'll send her home tomorrow to further recuperate.

So hopefully that's that!

Had word from England today that Ruth's 46 year old cousin passed away. Just another example that you should live your life because you don't know when it will end.


  1. I'm glad she was finally diagnosed (and treated) correctly.

  2. 46!! that's so terribly young to die!
    You are so right, live it like it's your last day.
    Sorry to hear about Lindsay, that's horrible. My mom was also misdiagnosed from the same thing a few years back. The doctor sent her home with penicillin and she ended up calling 911 about an hour later when she couldn't stand the pain any longer. She had surgery same night.
    Im glad she's feeling better now. Poor thing.

  3. Thank you both for you concern and well wishes for Lindsey. She is home now and on the road to recovery.

    Yes, 46 is far too young to die, she hadn't even begun to live her dreams.

  4. It's shocking how many people we hear of dying at such a young age. :(

  5. My oh my how could they confuse an appendix with kidney stones? Either one are painful, of course. Glad she got the correct treatment, finally! OUCH!

    Karen and Steve
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  6. Karen and Steve...When they first diagnoised her while she was here visiting she had all the symptoms of kidney stones. They only did a urine/blood test. When she got back to Nova Scotia and went to the hospital there they did more thorough testing including a CT scan and an ultrasound. That is when they noticed an enlarged appendix and from the tests they couldn't see any kidney stones. She wasn't showing signs of appendicitis, ie vomiting because she didn't actually have appendicitis.

    Anyway we're glad that she was able to get things sorted out and the surgery went well. Since then she isn't having the same pain she was having and was just sore from the surgery. She is hoping to be back to work in another week or so.

    Kevin and Ruth


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