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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Selling used batteries

Late last night I put an advertisement on kijiji to sell our used batteries. Maybe I asked too cheap of a price...I think they'll be gone by the end of the day!

Back in March, we had bought 4 new house batteries for Sherman. Our old Walmart batteries were dated August 2008, so they weren't that old and were never drwn down below still in good shape.

I put an ad on kijiji (similar to craigslist, but more popular here in Canada) late last night and have had two responses so far. I asked $40 each and figured that was a good price so I put that the price is firm. I'd rather ask a good price and not have the hassle of haggling.

That $80 will almost pay for the "like new" 1500 watt inverter I have my eye on that the guy is asking $105 for!...


  1. Who would have thought you could sell used batteries. Of course your batteries were fairly new compared to what we usually trade in.

  2. Karen and Al...You would be amazed and what you can buy and sell on the internet. Craigslist and kijiji are great sites for doing this and it is free to advertise on them. Kijiji is more common in Canada and is getting more popular in the States.

    Our batteries were is great shape, so that does make a difference. We once sold a used laptop that didn't work anymore. Actually it worked, but we couldn't recharge the battery anymore because the connection on the laptop became loose and actually lost the connector bit inside the computer. Kevin advertised it on kijiji for about $100 and said that it wasn't in working order. It was bought within a couple of days. We were told by a compurter repair place that the moniter alone is worth that much to these computer geeks. Also for someone who knew what they are doing they would be able to fix it themselves at little to no cost. It was really a matter of getting that piece out of the computer and sodering it back in place. Before we sold it, we bought a hard drive reader to transfer all the info from that computer to the new one and then deleted all the info so they couldn't retrieve any of our info.

    Just goes to show you, what is one persons junk is someone else's treasure.


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