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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

RV cleaning products

At the RV place where I run the parts department, we sell a line of Canadian made RV products. Actually, they're made in Quebec, so they're not really Canadian made. :-) I don't think they sell them in the U.S. yet, which is too bad because they have some fantastic products.

Sherman gets to test just about all of their products. Some work great, and it enables me to recommend them to customers in the store.

Their citrus awning cleaner is the best. We sell lots of it and I have had customers stop back in the store just to tell me what a great job it did. Poor Sherman's awning hadn't been cleaned in years, and it was pretty grungy after two winters in Mexican sun sand and sea salt. Just spray the stuff on, roll up the awning, let it sit for an hour, unroll it, and rinse it off. What a huge difference! One or two spots had to be scrubbed with a brush, but other than that I couldn't believe the difference.

And Sherman has a problem keeping a shine. Admittedly, you are supposed to do a good waxing job once a year (twice is better) but we all know what a lot of surface area an RV has. So I had polished one side in the summer of 2008, and the other side was last done in December of 2009. The 2008 side was getting pretty faded so I tried some of their Polymer Cleaning Wax. It takes a fair bit of arm muscle, but the shine it leaves is better than new. And, it's a bit pricey at $31.95 CAN. But it's a great product. And then on the 2009 side which was still fairly shiney but had quite a few black streaks, I used their one step Waterless Wash and Wax. It removes black streaks faster and easier than any black streak remover I've ever tried, plus it leaves a thin wax coating. It brought the shine back to the 2009 side right away and with no effort at all. Another great product.

However I can't recommend all of their products. Their rubber roof cleaner didn't impress me, but I've tried several brands of rubber roof cleaner and none of them worked any better than plain old soap and water.

Anyway, it poured with rain here all yesterday afternoon, so I'm sure I've got some black streaks out there that need wiping off!

(For non-RV'ers, black streaks are stains left on the side of an RV that mostly originate from the oxidation of the rubber roof. They are unsightly, and difficult to remove with only soap and water, so they sell a variety of "black streak remover" specifically for RV's.)

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  1. What a beautiful pic of that beach in England... how pretty!

    We stopped at an RV dealer in Canada one time. Saw a young man removing all the black streaks from all their trailers on the sale lot. Asked him what he was using. It's called 4U cleaner. Works fantastic and we used it all the time on our travel trailer with the white corrugate aluminum siding. Found out it's made in California and now it's available at most RV dealers.

    Karen and Steve
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