A Mayan pyramid rises above the canopy of the forest at the remote archaeological site of Calakmul, Mexico .
Where are Kevin and Ruth right now? Palenque, Chiapas, Mexico.

Where are they going next? Villahermosa, Tabasco, Mexico. Arriving February 24th.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

We're going to have a contest!

With a valuable RV related item as a prize!

Check back Thursday morning for details...this is going to be exciting!


  1. Oh Boy, Oh Boy, Oh boy, can I play. Do I sound like Rigg's. Sam & Donna....

  2. Kenny and Angela...Yep, lol

    Sam and Donna...Yes, and I can see you jumping up and down and the tongue hanging out!

    Kevin, Ruth and Whiskey

  3. Now it let me become a follower!
    Safe travels.


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