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Where are Kevin and Ruth now? Da Lat, Vietnam.

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Monday, November 14, 2022

We've been lucky with the weather, but that's about to change

First order of business bright and early on Sunday morning was to vacate the big city of Brussels before there was any traffic. So as soon as it was light enough, we got out of bed and hit the road.

We've been back in Max for nine days now and his tanks are starting to get full. And nine days is about the limit for his fresh water tank as well, so it's getting low. Free motorhome service points are really common in Germany and France, but apparently not so much in Belgium!

So when I started looking for somewhere to do all of that along our route towards Luxembourg, nothing came up! So then, I started looking at cheap campgrounds, and found what looked like a suitable spot along the way.

Max, at Camping Relais, near Hogne, Belgium.

We also needed to get some laundry done, and this place has a washer and dryer. 

Really nice young guy running the place. He explained the price for camping is €12 ($16.50 CAD, $12.50 USD) and extra for electricity.

He was telling us about his electricity costs. Prices for electricity have skyrocketed across Europe over the past year. I remember hearing about this when we were in Greece almost a year ago. Anyhow, he said that his electric bill for the campground used to be around €800 a month, and this past August it hit €4,800 a month! So he has kept the price for camping low, but if campers want electricity, they pay for it. 

And of course doing laundry means using electricity as well, so the price of that has gone up too. We spent €12 on camping, but we spent another €12 on laundry!

It was another beautiful day, but you could tell by the time the sun got low in the sky it was starting to cool off quickly. 

Here are some photos from the drive...

Here's a map of yesterday's drive...

We've been lucky with the weather since we arrived back in Europe, but it looks like starting today things are going back to normal (cold and drizzly!) in that department. We've got one more stop we want to make, and then we'll be putting on some miles fairly quickly.

We've got another of my dads photographs to match up today, and then a few more in Luxembourg City tomorrow. Then, we head into France.

Nice price drop on this Char-Broil Electric Grill.

And in Canada...


  1. Energy prices - thank you Russia. Max looks great!

    1. Russia has had more of an impact on the high prices home heating fuel, electricity prices were headed higher even before they came into the picture.

      Thanks, he does look great but he is in need of another wash. :-)

  2. I think you meant to say Max's tank is getting low instead of full. Safe travels.

    1. No, Kevin was correct! He was referring to Max's grey water and cassette toilet tank that were almost full and we needed somewhere to empty them, we also needed to fill up on fresh water.


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