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Saturday, November 12, 2022

Such a civilized society!

Surprised there weren't more comments on yesterday's post. That's the way it goes sometimes though. We think it's odd when we post something really interesting (fossilized lightning!?) and it just doesn't get much attention, but when you post a photo of a puppy... well, everybody loves puppies.

And only two people ventured forth to guess what our guide was holding in his hand. And yes, one of them was right.

We were originally going to go exploring in Brussels yesterday, but it was Armistice Day and everything was closed. So it turned into a relax day, but we did get out for some fresh air and a walk in a nearby park.

Children's playground, with a bar for the adults.

So we're in this big park, and right opposite the big children's playground is a patio that serves beer, wine, and snacks. It seems that most parents bring their kids to the park and sit and have a beer or a glass of wine while their children play. You don't even have to remain at the patio. Parents wandering with beer or wine in hand. You have to love Europe. Such a civilized society!

Château Malou was built in 1776.
Now owned by the municipality, it is used for weddings and small events.


Out for a walk.


We walked over this pedestrian bridge that crossed this busy intersection. I can't imagine what it would be like on a normal work day. Cars, trams, buses, bicycles, scooters, and pedestrians going every which way!

Glad we're walking above it.

Nice little waterfall.

Woluwe Park in Brussels, Belgium.

Interesting sculpture made from the old railway line.

Lucky with the weather so far... calling for a pleasant high of 18C (66F) with sunshine and very little wind. So, we are off into the city of Brussels to explore... and we have a couple more of my dads old photographs to try and match up from when he was here in 1954.

And finally, what was our museum guide holding in yesterday's blog post...?

Reader Bob got it right... a whale penis!

Record low deal on the popular Ring Video Doorbell.

And in Canada...


  1. Great memories. Late wife was Belgian. Met in Brussels while working with NATO. For years was in Brussels almost every other week. That Park was a favorite destination. The other was the Roi de Espange on the Grande Platz. Great place for sipping amazing beer and watch the world go by from the ancient restaurant. Enjoy Brussels. Miss it more after seeing your pictures.

    1. Just looked at the Roy de Espagne web site. Its gone upscale since we went. Used to be more old school and a fantastic place to get a table on the 2nd floor overlooking the platz at night. Beautiful. We used to call it The Horse because there has been a stuffed horse near the entrance inside. It was there in the 70's and I see it still is in one of the pictures.

    2. Well darn, now I wish we had at least gone in there to have a look, it looks like an interesting spot but I doubt that we have sat down to have a beer, I think they would have been more than what we would have wanted to pay. We did get a good look at the Grand Place though and really enjoyed the architecture but boy was it ever busy there!

      The Woluwe Park was so pretty and it made for a great walk along the old railway line from where we were parked in behind the Château Malou.

  2. My memories of Belgium almost entirely relate to the amazing beer. Looks like I missed some beautiful parks.

    1. You may have missed some pretty parks but at least you got to enjoy the Belgian beers! :-)


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