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Wednesday, November 9, 2022

Booked some more flight tickets!

Bit of a quiet day yesterday. I hadn't had a good night sleep for a while, and I think it finally caught up to me. 

We did drive down to another overnight spot located about 6 kms (4 miles) outside of the city center of Antwerp with the intention of riding our bikes into the central area. Then, we were invited over to Bjorn and Freya's for dinner, but we ended up putting both experiences off until today.

We are parked at a nice quiet lot beside on of Antwerp's old fortifications. Now, it's a city park, although there are some buildings remaining from the 1800's.

There is one other motorhome here, parked off to the left outside of the photo.
Apparently we are allowed to stay for 72 hours.

We did go for a walk around the fortress. From above, the fortress is star shaped, and there are walking paths both inside and outside the moat. We did both of them, and probably walked about 3.5 kms.

Map of the old fort.

So, let's get to the exciting news.

We are going to be taking Max to Morocco in early January. We'll probably spend almost three months there. This means that going to Mexico is probably put on hold for this season unless a really good flight comes along, but right now they are very expensive. 

But we're also hoping our daughter Lindsey and the grandkids will be coming to Morocco to visit us. We're just waiting for Sadie's passport renewal, and then we'll be ready to book the flights.

But, we actually did book some flights yesterday.

On January 20th we will be flying from Casablanca to Nouakchott.

Now, I'm sure you've all heard of Casablanca, but I would bet that most of you have never heard of Nouakchott, and we admit that when we first started researching this trip, we hadn't either.

Nouakchott is the capital of Mauritania.

Casablanca to Nouakchott.

Mauritania is one of the least visited countries in the world. We're doing a guided group adventure tour. I know, not normally our thing to do a guided tour, but there are some countries in the world that we just don't see ourselves visiting on our own. And from reading the itinerary, it's going to be epic.

On January 31st, we fly back to Casablanca. So, 11 days in Mauritania.

Neat stuff, huh?

Slept well last night, and so we are heading into Antwerp on the bikes.

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