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Tuesday, November 1, 2022

High above Prizren

We published out October expense report earlier today. You can read it here.

Yet another gorgeous day yesterday. We've been so lucky with the weather. Ruth was mentioning that when we came through Montenegro last year around this time it was pouring with rain. 

Yesterday we climbed up to the Fortress that overlooks the city of Prizren.

There are two ways to get up there. One path leads directly up from the city itself, but it's very steep. We decided on the much longer, but more gradual path that runs alongside the river and then climbs up from behind.

Prizren is a very Muslim area.
There are so many mosques!

Kevin at a Oriental Plane tree.
A historical monument estimated to be over 400 years old.

Ruth on the bridge.

Path up to the fortress.

Scenery along the way.

Looking back at Prizren.

Made it to the fortress.


Archeological excavations revealed that there has been a fortress of some kind here for almost 3,000 years, although the current structure mostly dates to the 1700's.

There has been a constant haze in this valley since we arrived.

Looking down on Prizren.

There are 40 different mosques here!

Ruth, doing some exploring.

That's an old wall.

Zoomed in on a church ruins in the distance.

The river running through Prizren.

Another view, another mosque.

Back to the apartment for a relaxing afternoon. 

Our host had told us about a nice restaurant near the touristy area and reviews said it was a bit overpriced, which is typical when you go to the touristy area so we try to avoid them, instead I found another one that sold traditional dishes and had better reviews and more atmosphere, so we headed there for dinner instead.

There was a time change here on Saturday night and it gets dark at 5:00pm now. 

We walked past the wedding clothes section. the whole street is lined with shops selling wedding dresses, fancy clothing, and jewelry. 

Fancy clothing.

And fancy clothing for kids.

We took an outside table.


We decided to order only one main course, and a few appetizers and split everything.


The main course (on the left) was a local dish called Tavë. It's often made with lamb, but this one was with veal. Then we also had stuffed peppers, corn meal with cheese, and a salad.

Along with a glass of wine and two small beers, the total with tip came to €24 ($32 CAD, $24 USD).

It was really good and I'm glad we ended up going there.

Today is a long driving day for us as we are making our way to Shkoder, Albania. We were kind of undecided as to what to do for our last three nights in Albania, but new friends David and Mircie (we did the via ferrata in Peja with them) are using her brother's 2 bedroom apartment in Shkoder and invited us to stay there with them until Friday. So we were happy to take them up on that. We've been to Shkoder a couple of times before, but it's a nice city and there are some hiking opportunities we never got to do last time we were there.

Nice price drop on all Amazon Fire Smart TVs.

And in Canada...

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