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Friday, November 25, 2022

I knew this was going to happen

So, we are sitting here in Versonnex, France waiting for an envelope to show up. It's all well and good, because it's a pretty spot, and it's been fun visiting with my cousins daughter and her husband. But we would rather be heading further south!

It brings back memories of when we were waiting for a package in Albania last year around this time.

The envelope isn't even really that important. It's just a SIM card that would make our cellular internet usage a little cheaper. I originally ordered it from a company in Spain and had it delivered to Max's dealership in Germany. That was all great until the dealership misplaced the envelope and so it wasn't around when we picked up Max. But then after we left, they found the envelope and offered to forward it to us in France.

I hesitated because I was worried about how long it might take. But, it's just an envelope, and the German postal website said that deliveries to France normally take between 2 to 4 working days.

Well, we're now on day 6. The envelope was mailed on the morning of November 17th. 

For some reason, I knew this was going to happen.

We have a tracking number, but the last update is from Tuesday morning when it said that the envelope had arrived in France. 

Today is Friday, and if it doesn't show up today, we will be leaving tomorrow morning either way. Not waiting another three days, and of course there's no guarantee that it would show up on Monday anyhow.

It was a beautiful day yesterday though! We took Tehya and Clem's dog for a walk. She's a ten year springer spaniel named India. A really sweet girl. We walked over to a park with a pond. 

Ruth and India.

Really pretty area.

Viewpoint with Mont Blanc in the distance.

Did I mention it was a beautiful day?

Only a high of about 10C (50F), but there was very little wind, and lots of sunshine. Quite pleasant to get out for a walk.

Still a bit cloudy up in the mountains though.

Ruth and India.

Farm on the way back.

Church in the local village.

Almost home.

This is where Max had been parked since Monday.

Fingers crossed our envelope shows up today!

EDIT: The package has arrived! Yeehawww!


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  1. Package arrived = FREEDOM!!! Pleased for you guys, frustrating sitting around waiting. We once held on for weeks at a campsite in Croatia for a package which never came.

    1. You got that right, now we can hit the road and head south to warmer weather.

      Wow, you guys had more patience than us to wait around for a number of weeks, it must have been something that you really needed and then to find that it never came. That was similar to our experience in Albania last year and it didn't come either.

  2. Woohoo, sure am glad it got there! When you mentioned it before, I remembered the package you never got and hoped the same thing wasn't about to happen. We just had to Fedex a document to Belize that was supposed to be "international priority/overnight", and after sitting in Miami for a few days, it finally got to Belize City, where it sat for another few days, and finally, on day 7, got delivered to the final destination. You just never know!

    1. Thanks Emily, we were really hoping it wasn't going to be a repeat of last year too! We are so happy that it came yesterday, now we just need to get the SIM card activated and we will be all set but that can be done on the road as we are heading south. :-)

      At least you got your package, just now overnight.

  3. I thought you guys would enjoy this American couples' journey through Central America, 9 countries in 9 months in their RV. Currently in San Salvador.

    1. We will try to have a look at the channel. We don't really watch many YouTube channels because we are almost always on cellular internet and videos use too much bandwidth but with this new SIM card that we got we should have lots of data to do us a month even with watching some videos. We are also following another family that just arrived into South America and are working their way around the world in their Jeep Gladiator with their young son.


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