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Wednesday, November 16, 2022

The city of Luxembourg... more photo matching

Yesterday morning, we took the bus from the town of Redange into the city of Luxembourg. And the one hour bus ride bus was totally free. Since 29 February 2020, public transportations has been free for everybody, residents as well as tourists. This is the case for trains, trams and buses!

We were there to match up some more of my dad's photographs.

The bus was very efficient, but not many people on it. A nice computer screen read out the stops, and the amount of time to get to the next stop.

On the bus to Luxembourg.

Luxembourg is one of Europe's smallest countries, and has total population of about 650,000. Luxembourg City has a population of about 125,000.

The central core is surrounded by green space.

Fountain in the park.

Luxembourg 1954.

Luxembourg 2022.
It hasn't changed much!

Luxembourg 1954.

We found the same spot... but the trees have grown so high it blocks the view!


2022. Same problem with this one. Too many trees!

But, we had fun looking for the spot, and are pretty sure we had them right. 

It's a pretty impressive bridge.

Government buildings in Luxembourg.

View off the bridge.

Looking back at the central area.

Oh yes, we do!

Fountain in Luxembourg.

Fancy monuments in the cemetery.

Luxembourg Cemetery.

And that was our quick visit to Luxembourg!

Today, we move into France.

I know you've been enjoying these photo match ups and you may have missed some of the past ones that we have done. The first batch were from our motorhome exchange trip to Spain in 2017...

And we did some in Morocco that year as well...

Record low deal on this 180 Piece Tool Set.

And in Canada...


  1. What a beautiful city! Love the fall foliage, and the photo match-ups, as always. You two are really hitting lots of countries quickly. Hope you're getting to smell the roses just a bit!

    1. It is a pretty city and if the weather was going to be better we would have hung around longer but we are going to be in some mountainous areas soon and we don't want to be up there in cold and snowy weather so we are moving along at a faster pace than normal. You know from reading our blog that we prefer to travel slowly and "smell the roses" but in some cases that just doesn't work. These countries will always be there so there is nothing stopping us from heading back to some of these places and seeing them properly in our normal slow pace way in the future when the weather is better. :-)


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