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Thursday, November 10, 2022

Fantastic architecture in Antwerp, Belgium

Yesterday we hopped on the bikes and rode into the city of Antwerp. (Lots of photos... be warned!)

We haven't been on the bikes in over three months, so it felt good to get back to it. And Antwerp is so bicycle friendly, in fact the entire 7 kms (4 miles) from where Max is parked to the city center is all on dedicated cycle paths.

Overcast, with a chance of showers and a high around 14C (58F).

Ruth, on the bike path into the city.

First stop was this odd building.

The Port Authority of Antwerp.

Another view from further way.

Next stop was the MAS Museum.

But we weren't going there for the museum itself. We were going for the architecture of the building, and the free view in all directions off the rooftop.

The MAS Museum.

Views along the way.

Rooftop mannequins.

Views in all directions from the rooftop.

Zoomed in on this odd art installation.

This old fortress is at Antwerp's cruise ship port, and includes the tourist office.

It is Antwerp's oldest surviving building, constructed around 1150.

Neat stuff!

Fantastic architecture.

Antwerp and the Scheldt River.

Central Antwerp, looking towards the cathedral.

Riding one of the oldest escalators in the world.

There is a pedestrian tunnel under the river. It opened in 1933, and the original wooden escalators are still in use today.

Inside the tunnel.

View from the other side.

Then we take the free ferry back across.

By this time it was after 1:00pm and we were getting hungry. I used google maps to do a restaurant search based on ratings, and came up with an Asian Wok takeout place that apparently makes the best Pad Thai around, and at reasonable prices.

We decided to split an order, at €8 ($10.84 CAD, $8 USD). Just enough food for lunch, and a good deal at €4 each!

Having lunch.

We left the bikes parked and went for a wander around.

The main pedestrian shopping street.

Amazing mural!

The first skyscraper in Belgium, built in 1932.
At the time of construction, it was the second tallest building in Europe.

Statue of artist Peter Paul Rubens, with a seagull on his head!
And the Antwerp Cathedral in the background.

Artwork at the base of the cathedral.

Unfortunately, the cathedral charges €12 ($16.25 CAD, $12 USD) to enter. We have been in a lot of fantastic churches around the world for free, so we don't need to pay to see another one.

Belgium is known for its beer!

Zoomed in on the top of the cathedral.

And Belgium is known for its chocolates. 
€52 per kilo!

Brabo Statue.

Sylvius Brabo was a mythical solider. Brabo once killed a giant, called Druon Antigoon, who asked money from people who wanted to pass the bridge over the river Scheldt. When they didn't want to or couldn't pay, he cut off their hand and threw it in the river. Because of this, Brabo also removed the hand of the giant, and threw it into the river.

More fantastic architecture.

Steeple of St. Charles Borromeo Church.

St. Charles Borromeo Church, built in 1621.

It was free to enter.

Old wood carvings.

Next, we headed over to Antwerp Train Station.

Antwerp Train Station.

The interior is amazing.

The photos really don't do it justice.

Then we rode our bikes over to a neighborhood of classic homes with amazing architecture. Most of them were built around 1900, and somehow survived both WWI and WWII.

Then we rode our bikes over to Freya and Bjorns apartment where we were invited for dinner. One street we rode along had a bunch of graffiti style artwork that obviously commissioned. Some really talented stuff...

Then to Freya and Bjorns for dinner. He gave me one of his favorite Belgian beers...

It was really nice, but at 8.4% alcohol, it's a sipping beer!

We were on the way out the door when we remembered to get an ussie!
Kevin, Ruth, Bjorn, and Freya.

Today, we drive south to Brussels, and ride our bikes in to the Museum of Natural History where Freya has worked for 13 years. She has organized an entry pass for us, as well as a behind the scenes tour of the vaults with a co-worker. Should be a fun day!

And in Canada...


  1. Thanks for the tour - interesting looking city!

    1. Glad that you enjoyed it. It is an interesting city, lots of great architecture both old and new.


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