Max, parked for the night on the outskirts of Rabat, Morocco.
Where are Kevin and Ruth now? On the outskirts of Rabat, Morocco.

Where are Kevin and Ruth going next? Crossing from Morocco to Spain on March 26th.

Wednesday, November 23, 2022

A productive day

We stayed close to the house yesterday, although we did get out for a decent walk without getting very wet. Just a few sprinkles of rain, but it was cool with a high of only about 7C (45F).

Part of our walk was to scout out a route to be able to catch the bus to Geneva. There is a bus stop close by the house, but that one will only take you to the train so you have to connect. But there is another bus on the other side of a big field that will take us directly into Geneva.

So we set off looking for a route across this field.

This path soon disappeared.

It was a little wet and muddy.

Huge mushrooms!

We did make it to the main road, but it wasn't the easiest going. From there, we walked into the village of Segny and wandered around there for a bit before stopping in at a big Carrefour store.

Carrefour is a big French type of Walmart store. A little more upscale than Walmart, though. They have small Carrefour stores, and large ones. This one didn't really look that big from the outside, but inside it seemed to go on forever!

The wine aisle was huge!

They also had a fairly well stocked hardware department and there were a few things we had on our list. I had gone to check Max's tire pressure the other day, and the batteries in the digital gauge were dead. Then I went to open the compartment to see what kind of batteries I needed, but we didn't have the correct size of screw driver!

So I found a nice little mini screwdriver set at a good price, opened the compartment, and bought the right size of batteries as well. 

I also got some single edge razor blades to be able to scrape off the emissions sticker from the inside of Max's windshield so I can put the new one on that came with his new license plates. 

This Carrefour also has a huge and well stocked grocery section. We're actually going to come back here when we leave this area with Max so that we can buy a few more things without having to carry them.

We've been reading about grocery prices in Canada, and the fact that there is some kind of lettuce shortage and lettuce prices there are ridiculous. Not so here in France, apparently. All different types of lettuce in this store, and we've seen iceberg lettuce at €0.99 ($1.37 CAD, $1.02 USD).

We bought a huge head of green leaf lettuce for €1.09 ($1.51 CAD, $1.13 USD).

No shortage of lettuce in France!

Walking back to the house, we took a different route across the field, and it was much better.

Ruth made a big pot of chili con carne for us all for dinner.

The weather looks better than they were calling for with a decent morning, followed by showers this afternoon. So we are headed back across the field to catch the bus into Geneva.

We are still waiting for our envelope. It was mailed from Germany last Thursday, and we have a tracking number that says it is in France now. Hopefully it will be delivered today. 

Record low deal on Blink Smart Security Cameras.

And in Canada... 

Record low deal on the Lefant Robot Vacuum.

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