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Thursday, November 17, 2022

Welcome to France!

France is not a new country for us, even though we have spent very little time here. We were in Nice, France (right at the south east corner of the country, near Monaco) back in 2017 for a couple of days.

Yesterday, we left Redange, Luxembourg, and had to drive through Belgium to get to the France border. Along the way, we filled up Max's fuel tank because prices are cheaper in Luxembourg. 

We paid €1.73 per liter ($2.40 CAD per liter, $6.80 USD per gallon).

Then, as soon as we crossed the border into France, we stopped at a Lidl grocery store. It's amazing how much things change as soon as you cross the border. This Lidl had a much larger wine and beer selection than the ones we've been in before. We even bought a couple of bottles of white wine for €1.44 each.

We got back out to Max, and realized that we forgot to buy milk. So I ran back inside to get a couple of liters. I was just going to pay with some loose change I had in my pocket, but they don't accept cash! I think this was a Covid thing that has just carried on.

Re-entering Belgium.

Scenery along the way.

We took the backroads the whole way.

It was overcast and spitting with rain the whole way.

We went through a couple of little villages.

We found a nice rural parking spot. And there was a nice walking trail that went around a small airport. So we managed to get out for a 5 km (3 mile) walk without getting wet.

A common kestrel.

Village near where we were parked.

Out for a walk.

Do you remember when I had found us a really good data SIM card for travelers

Well, I had ordered us one and had it delivered to the dealer so that it was sitting there when we went to pick up Max on November 5th. But they had lost the package, so we were just going to wait until we get to Spain to order another one. Anyhow, yesterday they let us know that they found the package, and they could have it delivered somewhere along our route.

So now, we are going to stop in and see the daughter of a cousin of mine who lives in France near the border of Geneva, Switzerland. We're having the package delivered there, but it's probably going to take a few days so all of a sudden we're not in as much of a rush as we thought we were! Oh well... it's not like we're on any kind of a time schedule, we were just trying to get somewhere warmer a little faster. 

The weather is not the best, but it's pretty much as we expected it to be. Highs of about 12C (54F) and lows about 8C (47F) with scattered showers. 

Yesterday's drive.


And in Canada...


  1. In major Mexican cities people are now paying with their "tap" via cell phone. Most of the supermarkets are now filled with pickers who prepare your online order for either pickup or delivery. I guess it takes something like a pandemic to make major changes. Teachers never wanted online platforms or online learning. Now it's all the craze.

    1. We definitely notice a lot more electronic payment then cash in many of the places that we visit now, at least in the western part of Europe. I like going into the grocery store to buy my groceries, rather than let someone else do the picking for me.

      As for online schooling unless you have a pretty disciplined child, I think in school classes are the best.


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