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Monday, September 6, 2021

Toronto Zoo tickets booked

I took a rare blogging day off yesterday! 

We were up at the house again. But we have to go up again tomorrow to put the trash out by the side of the road for Wednesday morning pickup. We thought we were almost finished, but we moved a big cabinet in the kitchen that had been sold to find a big hole in the wall behind the cabinet. More patching and painting. Going to have to do the whole wall. We're sure getting tired of doing that drive.

Still enjoying watching Blue Jays baseball. They're in a race for a wild card spot and they've won 4 in a row. It's going to be tough, but it could still happen. Would be nice, but either way we are enjoying it.

And, I watched the Darlington Nascar race last night. That was fun. I used to be a big fan back in the days of Rusty Wallace, but haven't watched a race for probably over ten years. I didn't recognize the names of half the drivers.

And, we got our Toronto Zoo trip all booked. It's going to be an expensive two nights away, but it's our treat for the grandkids and they're at the right age to really enjoy it. Should be fun. 

Due to Covid, you have to book the tickets and the entry time slot online. They space out entrance every 15 minutes, and I booked us for the first time slot at 9:15am on Monday the 20th so that we can enjoy the whole day there. Two adults, two children, and a parking pass for $123 CAD ($98 USD), tax included.

Of course, we needed two nights accommodation as well. We know that Toronto is particularly expensive, so we weren't shocked at the prices. Found a nice looking Airbnb in the town of Pickering about 14 kms (8 miles) away. $192 CAD ($153 USD) per night. $384 CAD ($306 USD) for two nights. Yikes. Definitely the most per night that we have ever paid, but we needed a larger space because we have the grandkids with us.

And, I have changed my mind yet again on Max's propane (gas) tanks. There is a refillable composite tank available that our friends Glen and Steve are using and they've had good success with that. I found a German supplier, and the price is right. 
I'm going to buy two of these.

The tanks are €189 each, tax and shipping included. I also need an EU adapter set at €39.90, so the total will be €417.90 ($622 CAD, $495 USD).

The popular Guess in 10 Family Card Games are all on sale.

And in Canada...


  1. The prices for the zoo tickets didn't surprise me at all and I'm sure will be money well spent. I did Yikes! too about the lodging prices, but its a grandbaby splurge, so easy to do and enjoy.

    You saved more than enough to pay for it by taking looking for a solution to Max's propane tank conundrum. It pays to research and take your time before making a decision.

    1. We actually thought the price of the zoo tickets was pretty reasonable, we thought that the zoo was going to cost more.

      Yeah the accommodation definitely costs more than we thought but we got one that had a kitchen and three beds, it might have been cheaper to got a hotel room but then we would have had to buy our meals and that would have cost a pile so it probably works out to be a be cheaper this way.

      Kevin has definitely done the research and as you said luckily he didn't jump on the first solution that he came across. We certainly think that we have found the best solution and it should be all set up when we get back to Max at the beginning of October.


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