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Saturday, September 25, 2021

Good start to the weekend

Yesterday, I said goodbye to Ruth and drove two hours to a big chalet on Mazinaw Lake near Bon Echo Provinical Park to meet up with my friends for our annual guys weekend away.

Not the best weather though. It was actually chilly sitting out on the deck, and when it started spitting with rain it almost felt like it was going to snow!

We sat out on the deck for the first two hours or so...

Good thing we brought enough fuel to keep us warm.

It was windy down by the dock.

We eventually moved inside.

All ten of us showed up this year!


Looks like the weather might be nicer today.

One of the guys went swimming this morning.
He said it was freezing.

Our accommodation for the weekend.

The owner has become a little cheap though. This year, we had to bring our own toilet paper, towels, garbage bags, and we have to take away our own trash. For $1,650 for the weekend, you would think these things would be included. And when we stayed here two years ago, they were included.

Even worse, one of the guys went to have an afternoon nap, and there were no sheets or pillow cases on the beds! He never sent us the "new" rules. Apparently we were supposed to bring our own. We won't be staying here again. It's unfortunate, and we'll survive, but it's a bit of a turn off. 

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And in Canada...


  1. We rented two cottages this summer, one that we go to every second year, and had that same experience. I think it's part of the COVID requirements....however....your host should have explained.

    1. It is possible that COVID could be the reason but we just got back from Toronto where we spent two nights in an Airbnb and everything was supplied and we went from last October until mid June this year staying in Airbnbs and again never once had an issue with towels or sheets not being supplied. As you said, the host should have sent out a note to tell them what was required of them.

  2. We spent 92, yes 92 nights in hotels this summer, from a Days Inn, to a Hilton Garden Inn, so plenty of levels of service to be expected. Every hotel said to request service and I did, twice a week, but I was free to go out in the hall or to the front desk and they would give me anything I asked for. I started requesting extra coffee, hand towels and toiletries - I kept them when we left. They charged the same price, but I had to do all the extra work, so I took it out in kind.

    1. Personally we think hotels go overboard with cleaning rooms every day. If we ever stay in a hotel for more than a day we always leave the do not disturb sign on the door as we never need to have the room "serviced" and like you if we need something extra then we just ask the cleaning staff if they are in the hallway or at the front desk. Having said that, hotels always supply sheets and towels whereas the place that Kevin and the other guys were staying at wasn't a hotel but it still should have had sheets and towels supplied or they should at least have been told that they weren't supplied.

  3. My friend is away for a week with her female friends. They have a cottage with an annex (3 bathrooms}. I will ask her for info!

    1. We assume you mean that you will ask her where the place is located to pass the information on to Kevin for a possible new cottage for their guy's weekend away? If so they most likely won't need it for next summer as they will be headed out west for their guy's weekend away.


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