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Thursday, September 16, 2021

International Driving Permit (IDP)

These permits have been around since 1949. Canada only signed on to the agreement in 1965, and some countries (Germany, for example) have never signed on.

We've done a lot of driving in foreign countries. Sometimes we have traveled without an IDP, and sometimes we have bit the bullet and obtained one prior to leaving Canada. I say "bit the bullet" because they are not free. And the odds of you actually needing it are quite slim. 

Here in Canada, they are only available from the CAA (Canadian Automobile Association) and they cost $41.95 CAD ($33 USD). They are a similar cost in the USA at the AAA. It's actually $25 for the permit itself, and $15 for passport photos.

But we have never had to show it to anyone. Even when I had that car accident in Turkey, nobody ever asked to see it. 

Italy is one of the countries that is apparently fussy about these things, yet when we rented a car in Italy we were never asked for one. Greece is another country that I have read requires you to have one.

And if you need one and you're already overseas? Well, you're pretty much out of luck. Yes, you can get one by mail, but you have to send in your drivers licence and the application form and payment and with the month or so for it all to be returned to you.

The whole thing is a bit of a money grab for the CAA. They are the only entity allowed to issue one, and any of the ones you can find online are scams. Not that this isn't a bit of a scam either. It's only valid for one year. You would think it would be valid for as long as your driver's licence is valid.

My old one didn't expire until October 5th, and I asked if they were allowed to date the new one as of that date. No... not allowed to do that.

Anyhow... it's just a cost of travel I guess.

We were told that Sid the cat is not a lap cat, and it takes a while for her to warm up to anyone. But Ruth is the cat whisperer, and Sid has settled right in!

Two weeks from today and we get back on the plane!

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And in Canada...


  1. I think we are lucky as IDPs are £5.50 in England.

    1. £5.50 plus the cost of the photograph. But yes, that is much cheaper!


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