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Wednesday, September 1, 2021

September is the best time of year to be in Canada

In our opinion, September is definitely the best time of the year to visit any part of Canada. That's why we purposely try to plan our visits to Canada during this month.

In Canada, most of the kids go back to school the first week of September, so if you're out exploring things will be quieter. The mosquitoes and black flies that typically infest most of Canada during the other good weather months of May through August have pretty much died off by September. And September weather is usually exactly the way we like it... not too hot, and not too cold.

So, September should be a good month for us. We've only got a few small things left to do at the house, and it's otherwise ready for a new owner. So we won't be spending as much time on that project. That means we'll be able to get out and do some hiking and biking.

Speaking of biking... we did a lot of that yesterday!

On the Osgoode rail trail.

Cycling selfie.

We rode our bikes out to our daughter's place. It's 14.7 kms (9.1) mile one way, so at our pace it's about a 50 minutes ride. Most of it is on a old railway line that's been turned into a multi use trail. The scenery isn't that exciting, but at least it's quiet and away from any vehicle traffic.

Granddaughter Sadie. The swing was moving, so it's a bit fuzzy.

Sadie is always keen to show off their chickens. They have about a dozen hens, and a rooster so they typically have a lot of eggs. They're not laying just now though. However, from the last batch, they tried for the first time to hatch some chicks. One of the hens took to sitting on six eggs, but only one of them developed enough to hatch.

Midnight, with her little one Rocket.

Had a good visit with Lindsey and the grandkids. She fed us some lunch, and then we rode back home.

We had already completed 29.4 kms (18.2 miles), and it was only our second time out on the bikes. So our bums were a little sore! But, we weren't done yet. We had a rest for a couple of hours and then hopped on the bikes again... to go to the local pub!

We had been invited by blog readers Barbara and John. They live in the village of Manotick and invited us for drinks. We decided to ride our bikes down so that we wouldn't have to worry about driving a car back home after having a few adult beverages.

It was only 5 kms (3 miles) each way, and most of the route has a bike lane although the road was really pretty busy.

With Barbara and John in the pub.

Good group of regulars there, so we had some laughs and got to know some of the locals. Thanks for the invite guys... it was fun!

Then we rode our bikes home. We ended up doing almost 40 kms (25 miles) in total. Going to have to rest a couple of days before getting back on them. 

Today, we are off to granddaughter Sadie's birthday party.

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And in Canada...


  1. "Every time I see an adult on a bicycle I no longer despair for the human race." - H. G. Wells

    1. H. G. Wells would have loved to have seen all the people on bicycles both in Germany and especially in the Netherlands! :-)

  2. Happy birthday to Sadie, she's a lovely young lady. My oldest sister's name is Sadie who was named after Aunt Sadie, dad youngest sister. Oh, I bet your bums are sore after a 25 mile ride...I get sore from riding my exercise bike LOL

    1. Thank you for Sadie's birthday wishes, we will pass them on to her. :-)

      Yep, our bums were definitely sore after that. It will take them a few days to recover!

  3. Glad to see you getting more bike riding in! My usual rides are 20-23 miles, so you had me beat!

    1. We are really enjoying being out on our bikes again, our bums...not so much! We are so looking forward to bringing our bicycles back with us to Germany at the end of the month. :-)

  4. Yes, you really have to ride regularly to get over the soreness, and wearing bike shorts (not sure if you do) and having a saddle that works for your anatomy help a lot too. I don't get sore at all except on the first couple of rides in the spring, until I toughen up again!

    1. We know that we need to ride regularly in order for our bums to get used to the bike seats and that is going to happen now that we have our bicycles once again. We don't have bike shorts but we do want to get some, my brother who works and bikes and does a lot of riding himself highly recommends them as well.

    2. Great! One tip - you go commando under them. If you wear undies, there's more chance for chafing and saddle sores! So they need to be washed after every ride. Keep on pedaling!

    3. Thanks for the tip Emily, my brother told us the same thing too. He didn't mention about washing the shorts after every ride though, so we will definitely keep that in mind when we do finally get some biking shorts. :-)

  5. Wow, that’s a tone of bike time! Hope cycling this week has been kinder to your bits.

    It was great to meet for a drink and few laughs, until next time, happy trails!

    1. It sure was but it looks like our bums recovered and we were out for another bike ride just the other day but we kept that one to 10 km.

      We really enjoyed our afternoon at the pub with you both. Thank you very much for the invite and drinks and it was great to meet you and John. Maybe one afternoon next week we could have you over for "Happy Hour" drinks here at the house. :-)


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