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Thursday, September 9, 2021

Funny story

It rained yesterday morning, but we did manage to get out for a late afternoon bike ride. I had a replacement credit card waiting for me at the Scotiabank in Osgoode. It's about a 45 minute ride one way, so we had to set a good pace because it was already 3pm and it closed at 4pm.

No problem, got there with time to spare, and picked up the new card. The old card was still okay, but it would no longer "tap".

In the same plaza is a Foodland grocery store. Ruth wanted to pick up some sandwich meat, so we headed in there.

In Canada, sandwich meat is priced "per 100 grams", because to price it by the kilo here in Canada would scare off the buyers. For example, the cheapest deli meat was a honey ham and it was on sale for $2.99 per 100 g.

Which is actually ridiculously expensive. That works out to $29.90 CAD per kilo. That's $13.60 CAD per pound ($10.75 USD per pound). Holy crap, it's ham... not rib roast!

So we go from the deli to the meat section and they had the exact same ham fully packaged, but not sliced. The cost was $1.53 per 100 grams. Almost half the price. I picked one up, and wandered back to the deli counter.

"Can you cut this open and slice it for me?" I asked.

I saw the confused look on the woman's face, because obviously nobody has ever asked this before. So I explained that when we buy this meat we have a tough time slicing it thin enough at home.

"I don't know if I'm allowed to", she says.

"Well, can we check with someone who can make the decision?" 

"No, never mind... I'll do it".

As she's slicing it (which takes about two minutes), I'm looking down at the stuff that's in the glass case, and sure enough the ham that's priced at $2.99 per 100 g is exactly the same as the one she's slicing for me now. Same packaging, same labelling... everything. 

Except now she's giving it to me at $1.53 per 100 g.

Too funny.

At the cash, I handed over the empty packaging and they charged it out like that. I tapped my new credit card, and it worked perfectly.

Keeping in mind that the ham I did buy was not on sale, and they are making money even at the $1.53 price. There's obviously big money in the deli business.

We had a good bike ride...

30 kms (18 miles).

Back at the house, the cats were doing what they do best...

Sid. She's a bit of a princess.


And, first day of school for the grandkids today. Lindsey took this photo...

Cameron (grade 5) and Sadie (grade 3).

Looks like a nice morning to head out for a power walk.


And in Canada...


  1. Whoa, I see Ruth in Cameron & Kevin in Sadie in that picture. Do others?
    (And does it seem to others that we human critters generally tend to take after our grandparents even more than our parents? Certainly it's not the case for everybody, but still, sometimes familial resemblance just seems more startlingly obvious if you skip one generation up the family tree.)

    1. Lol, neither Kevin nor I are very good at seeing the likeness of children in other relatives, even having you mention the likeness, neither of us can see it.

      We have noticed a likeness in relatives though when we look at earlier/younger pictures of them compared to say our children when they were younger. And I certainly can see more of my Mum in me now that I am getting older, yet when I was young I always thought I looked more like my father!

    2. I definitely think Sadie is the spitting image of Kevin (but in an adorable little girly way!)😅

    3. As I said, I am not good at seeing these things because I still can't see the resemblance between the two in this picture, lol. :-)

  2. LOL... the deli task. I've done the same darn thing. When they get it all done and handed back to me, I ask "why do you all need to charge the customer for the deli meat when you're using the SAME meat from the meat counter... I usually get the LQQK with their mouth open and no words coming out. Glad I am not the only one who knows that meat cutting trick.

    1. Well it is nice to know that we aren't the only ones that have done that! It is crazy the amount of the difference between the unsliced meat and sliced meat is, even if you take into consideration the amount of time to slice the meat and what the employee gets paid to do that, it still doesn't add up to the difference of the sliced meat!

  3. Great bike ride, guys! I love utilitarian rides like that; get exercise and accomplish a task or two as well.

    1. It was a good bike ride and our bums felt a little better this time around, definitely not as sore as our last long bike ride!


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