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Thursday, September 23, 2021

Changing some flights

Yesterday was the first day of fall. And you can sure tell winter is on it's way. The leaves are changing color, and the temperatures are cooling off. Here in the Ottawa area, you can go from summer to winter pretty quickly. There is still the possibility of some nice weather in October, but it's hit or miss. It's also common to get some snow flurries by the end of October. 

But we are out of here long before that possibility occurs. In fact, we fly out a week from today!

And speaking of flying out, we are trying to bring our bicycles with us to Germany. 

I finally got through to Air Canada on the phone. I had been trying to confirm that we are able to take the bicycles as baggage, but I was worried about our flight from Ottawa to Montreal. It's going to be a small plane and I didn't know if the bike boxes would fit in the hold.

I tried calling several times, but the wait times to speak with customer service were between 1 to 2 hours. I don't have that kind of patience, but I eventually used their call back service and they actually did call back! And surprisingly, the girl spoke perfect English!

Anyhow, it turns out that there is a problem. The plane from Ottawa to Montreal is too small. That leaves us with two options. We can rebook our tickets leaving out the Ottawa to Montreal leg. There's a small fee for doing that, but it's negligible. We would then have to get our daughter or someone to drive us to Montreal airport with the bike boxes in their van. But it's a two hour drive each way, so it's really not that convenient. Plus, we would have to pay for the gas and use of the van and their time. And, the bikes would cost extra as additional baggage.

The second option would be Air Canada Cargo. I forgot to call them yesterday, but my guess is it's not going to be cheap. But, it would be more convenient. 

So, as I'm writing this I had another thought and came up with a third option. What if I could reroute us so that we're flying Ottawa to Toronto, and then Toronto to Germany? The Ottawa to Toronto flight is always a larger plane. 

 I just checked the website, and sure enough there is a flight that will work... and there's only a $7 change fee! And we end up in Dusseldorf at exactly the same time of day.

So, I'm waiting for another call back from Air Canada and hopefully that will work. 

On another note... we've got some surprise visitors and there is a motorhome parked in our driveway. That story for you tomorrow!

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And in Canada...


  1. Some years ago I took a bicycle from Hamburg Germany to Toronto Canada by plane. At the time bicycles were free of charge as long as they were used as transportation (showing that they were used) I only used a plastic clover for the bike and had to let out all the air out of the tires. The bike arrived unharmed with my other luggage. Maybe check again with the airline to see if this is still relevant.

    1. Unfortunately, Air Canada (and most other airlines I am reading about) has a pretty strict bicycle policy. Now, they count as a piece of luggage, along with a $50 handling surcharge. And, they have to have the peddles removed and the handlebars turned sideways, and boxed in a proper bicycle shipping box. It's not as easy as it used to be.

  2. I used to have a really big international size suitcase I could put my lightweight road bike in if I took it apart. I used it on a trip to Italy where they are bike crazy. At the time, there was a pretty steep charge for bikes on most airlines. My plan if I was asked what was in the suitcase was to say "bike parts."


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