View from our 8th floor hotel room at Con Cuong, Vietnam.
Where are Kevin and Ruth now? Vinh, Vietnam.

Where are Kevin and Ruth going next? Ninh Binh, Vietnam.

Wednesday, September 29, 2021

The next visit will be better

Just reflecting on the past few weeks as we prepare to head back to Europe tomorrow. 

We arrived in Ottawa in mid August right at the end of a heat wave, so our timing was pretty lucky in that regard. Overall, the weather has been decent. But as I've said before, September is the best time of year to visit Canada, in our opinion.

But we've been just too busy to enjoy it as much as we would have liked to.

Ruth's father's property, and the disposal of his assets took up a lot of our time. The auction at the beginning was a lot of work, but it was successful. Unfortunately the sale of the property was not successful, and we have now handed it off to a real estate agent.

However, there were some bright spots to be had!

Our house sit was fantastic, and we enjoyed looking after the two cats, Sid and Enke. 

Daughter Lindsey, with grandkids Sadie and Cameron.
We also enjoyed a fair bit of time with the grandkids.

We only managed one decent hike.

And a couple of bike rides.

The bikes are all boxed up and we are taking them with us to Europe.

We also managed to see all of our family members on this trip, so that was nice. Not as many of our friends as we would have liked though. Yes, I did get to spend some time on my guy's weekend away, but it would have been nice to see more of them. Ruth never did get together with the girls she used to work with, and she normally does.

Yesterday, we went for lunch with my old friend Tyler and his lady friend Sheron. He and I go back to about 1981 I think.. About 40 years! Hard to believe. It was before Ruth and I met. He was the accountant at an autobody shop that I worked at. Always fun to get together.

The headaches of dealing with Ruth's father's estate are now pretty much done. The next time we return, we will have a lot more free time to do the things we enjoy. Hopefully that will make returning to Canada a better experience for us. 

We might come back in the spring if we decide to do a residence permit in a European country that requires us to be in Canada to initiate the process. Otherwise, we won't be back until next August. And, it won't be as long of a visit! Maximum four weeks.

We are so excited to be getting back to our motorhome Max and seeing what adventures we will come across this winter!

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And in Canada...

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  1. Well you had a good time seeing your all relatives and friends! Especially the grandkids,it's all good stuff! Have a great time returning, wherever you're going! Take care,Rawn

    1. We sure did and it was sad to say goodbye to the grandkids last night, they really didn't want us to leave which made it all harder. We are hoping that Lindsey and the kids will be able to come and visit us this winter but just not sure if that will happen or not, our fingers are crossed that things will work out, it would be fun to show them a whole different world out there.

      We are headed for Germany and then once there we will then make our way south and east. It is going to be a fun fall and winter with Max. :-)

  2. Safe travels. I look forward to all your future adventures.

    1. Thank you! We are also looking forward to some fun new adventures this winter. :-)

  3. Bon voyage guys! We fly to Vancouver Island with our grandkids on Saturday. First trip this year. Mexico next.
    Connie and Chris

    1. Glad to see that you are back to traveling again. Enjoy your time with your grandchildren, it is wonderful to have that time with them. We are hoping that we might see ours over here with us sometime this winter or spring. :-)

  4. Bon voyage ! Safe travels! So lucky to be returning to your adventures and your lovely motorhome in Europe ! I'll keep following your posts daily !

    1. Thank you very much and thank you for continuing to follow us. We are certainly going to enjoy our adventures this fall and winter with Max. We had a great time last winter, it will just be even better this winter because of Max. :-)

  5. Replies
    1. Thank you, I have no doubt that we totally enjoy our time traveliling in Max! :-)

  6. Hi Ruth and was such a pleasure to meet you both. I have heard so many wonderful things about you from Tyler. I have spent the last few nights reading over your travel experiences. Truly amazing stories. I look forward to traveling along the way with you two and Max. Take good care and stay safe. Looking forward to the next time.

    1. It was a pleasure to meet you too, Sheron. We really enjoyed our lunch with you and Tyler and we are sure that between the four of us we could have continued on with our conversation for longer, perhaps the next time we meet.

      We hope that you will enjoy reading about our experiences this fall and winter as we travel to some interesting places with Max. :-)


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