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Sunday, September 12, 2021

Finally made it out for a nice hike

It was a beautiful day on Friday and so we made plans for just the two of us to go for a hike. There aren't a lot of great hikes around the Ottawa side of the river, but just across the river in the province of Quebec is Gatineau Park which has a lot of hiking trails. 

We chose the trail around Lac Philippe, a beautiful lake with several beaches. It's a really busy spot during July and August, but on a Friday in September there was hardly anybody around. 

We would actually go up to Gatineau Park more often, but it's over an hour drive from where we are house sitting and we pretty much have to drive right through the middle of the city to get there. So it's not really very convenient.

Ruth, testing the water temperature.
It was actually pretty warm.

Beautiful beach.

But even if you wanted to go for a swim, there are signs up saying the beach is closed and swimming is forbidden. Another example of too many rules in Canada. $150 fine if you get caught. Ridiculous.

The trail around the east side of the lake.

This part of the trail goes through the forest, and it's actually quite far from the shore so you don't even see the lake. But it's a nice forest hike with a few ups and downs.

We stopped for lunch. Me, with a mouthful!

Someone had a cottage up here a long time ago.

Break time.

At the far south end of the lake.

The west side of trail actually follows the lakeshore.

Another beach.

What a great hike. We really enjoyed it. It was 10.5 kms (6.5 miles) around the lake. There are several other good hikes in Gatineau Park, so despite the drive, we'll try and make it up there again before we leave here.

Saturday, we had my mom and sisters over for lunch.

My younger sister Alison, my mom Elspeth, my older sister Elaine, and me!

Looks like another nice day today. Like I've said, September is the best time of year to be in Canada. Forecast high of 21C (70F) and sunny with cloudy periods.

Record low deal on the 2 Pack of Scott Shop Towels. Time to stock up!

And in Canada...


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you! It isn't too often that we remember to get a photo of Kevin with his mother and sisters.

  2. Just asking : what app do you use to get this summary of your hike (length, speed, time, altitude) with the charts? Thanks for the info! Thanks for your posts also ... looking forward to your going back to Europe!!!

    1. It is the we have used it for quite a few years now and we are very happy with it. Kevin really likes using it for our hikes and bicycle rides.

      We are enjoying our time here with family and friends now that most of the work on the house is behind us but we too are looking forward to getting back to Europe and hopping in Max for more adventures. :-)

  3. There also should have been a sign saying...
    "swimmers must wear a mask and stay 2 meters from any fish"

  4. Wondering why there are lifeguard stands if there is no swimming allowed. At least they look like lifeguard stands. And could it be that there is dangerous algae or something in the lake?

    1. It's because the beach is officially "closed" after Labor Day weekend. Normally during July and August there are lifeguards, but I guess they figure if there are no lifeguards you shouldn't be swimming.


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