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Saturday, September 4, 2021

Max's propane problem, and granddaughter Sadie comes for a visit

I've been trying to work on the solution to our RV propane problem with our motorhome Max who is waiting for us over in Germany. What we want is tanks that can be refilled at a self serve style gas station type of propane pump that are common all over Europe. It's the cheapest and most convenient way of filling your propane.

But the problem is that I can't get anybody to install a system in Germany that is cost effective. 

The company that our dealer uses wants €1,900 ($2,800 CAD, $2,250 USD) to install the only system that would be legal as per their regulations. It's actually ridiculous. Germany has very strict propane gas regulations, and they state that only aluminum tanks can be used in a refillable system. Despite the fact that you can buy much cheaper steel tanks designed for the same purpose. 

I can install steel tanks if I do the installation myself, but a certified shop won't do it. However, I also don't want the system to be permanent because it may not pass inspection when it comes time to sell.

So, I think what I'm going to do is a kind of a hybrid system. I'll buy only one tank that can be refilled at any gas station propane pump. And then also travel with the one German regulation tank. When the refillable one gets empty, I can switch over to the other one temporarily until I get to a station that can fill it. Either way, it gives us approximately three weeks of lead time to get the opposite tank filled. 

Also, I don't have to wait until the refillable tank is totally empty, since it can be refilled at any time.

I can buy all the parts for this system for €415 ($620 CAD, $495 USD). But, I have to install it myself. Which I am confident I can do, but I'll have to buy a few tools to do the job. I just have to make sure that my guy at the dealer will accept the shipment if I have it sent to them. Pretty sure they will.

On a completely different subject, our daughter Lindsey dropped off granddaughter Sadie for a sleepover. She's a pleasure to have around... so easy to get along with.

Me, granddaughter Sadie, Chester the Rottweiler, and daughter Lindsey out for a walk.

Me and Sadie having some laughs.

Looks like a nice start to the long weekend, however they are saying some rain might move in tomorrow. Busy day today with Sadie and then going to visit my mother, sisters, and nephew this afternoon. Gotta get some grocery shopping done as well!

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And in Canada...


  1. Kevin, I assume you have considered a re-fillable gas bottle system.

    1. Yes, that's actually the system I'm going to buy, but from a German supplier.

  2. Are you planning on buying any RV accessories in Canada for Max?
    Spare inverter?

    1. We hadn't really thought about it, we know that we are taking a few things back with us for Max, so we will see. We honestly haven't had much time to think about it as we have been so busy working on my Dad's house.


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