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Friday, September 17, 2021

Received an offer on the house

But it's a low ball bid, with a number of conditions, and it could be that nothing comes of it. All part of the negotiation process of course, but as it stands we won't be accepting it. We're not desperate to sell... but it would be nice to get the whole thing out of our hair. In fact, if it doesn't sell within the next two weeks, we'll be handing it over to a real estate agent anyhow, and then it really is essentially out of our hair. 

And given that I am away for pretty much six of the next thirteen days, I'm starting to lose confidence that it's going to be sold by then. 

But again... it only takes one buyer. And I remember when we sold our house back in 2007, a couple of weeks went by where we had very few people looking at it, and then the one who ended up buying it came along just as we were starting to give up. And the same thing happened when I sold my mom's condo. 

A big difference with those two sales was that I made the price FIRM and didn't want to deal with any real estate agent buyers. This time, it's more difficult to come up with a price because the market up here has been all over the place the last year. Even our "official" appraisal for the probate couldn't come up with an exact figure, so how are we supposed to do that? And I would have much rather gone the FIRM pricing route again because these back and forth negotiations are such a waste of time. I mean obviously we have a price that we're not currently willing to go below, and the buyers have a price they aren't willing to go above. It would be much easier if we just picked a price we thought was fair to both the buyer and the seller and stuck to it so that everybody knows where they stand. 

Anyhow, we'll keep plugging along.

Heading over to my mom's for lunch today. Then grandson Cameron is coming for a sleepover tonight, so that should be fun. Not much planned for tomorrow, but on Sunday we head down to Toronto to take the kids to the zoo on Monday. The next two weeks are going to go by fast, but that's okay... we are looking forward to getting back into Max!

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And in Canada...

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