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Sunday, September 19, 2021

Nice bike ride down to Manotick

As I've said before, September is the best time of year for weather in the Ottawa area. It's been perfect hiking and biking weather. And so we took off on the bikes down to the village of Manotick on the Rideau River.

The Rideau River is partly a 202 km (125 mile) man made canal system that runs from Ottawa to Kingston. It was built around 1830 in case the U.S. ever decided to invade Canada, but is now used by pleasure craft.

And because it was one of the last nice weekend days of the year, it was actually fairly busy.

Rideau River near Manotick.

Long Island Locks.

There is a series of three locks here.

Ruth walking across one of the locks.

People enjoying some fiddler music.

Fiddlers playing music.

We rode from there back upstream to the village of Manotick where there is an old stone mill.

Rideau River at Manotick.

The stone mill.


The stone mill at Manotick.

Managed to get in 20 kms (12.5 miles).

We spent the rest of the day sorting through old photographs. 

Ruth is scanning slides to make them digital. Many are my fathers, from trips he did to Europe in the 1950's, but also some of ours.... even from our honeymoon to Florida in 1984. It's a big job and she's spending a lot of time on it. She won't likely finish before we leave here, but the rest can wait until we return next year.

Me, deciding which slides to keep, and which ones to toss.

Ruth, scanning them.

Today, we are off to Toronto. Actually, not quite Toronto... we're staying at the town of Pickering a few miles east of Toronto. We pick up the grandkids at lunchtime and then we have about a three and a half hour drive.

Great deal on this Cookware Set. Tramontina makes good quality stuff.

And in Canada...

Nice price drop on the Kindle Paperwhite.


  1. I would love to know what device Ruth is using to scan the slides, I have some from my childhood I would like to scan. Thanks for any advice on doing this endeavor.

    1. It is a digital film and slide scanner, it is very similar to this one https://www.amazon.ca/Scanner-Converts-Negative-Digital-Supports/dp/B07H898Z81 to give you an idea. It works pretty good but it isn't perfect.

    2. We are interested as well. What are the negatives about the scanner ?

    3. Now that we are back from Toronto, I can give you the correct name of the scanner that I am using. It is made by Innovative Technology and it is called a Film & Slide Converter. My father bought it back around 2010. Obviously this one is now a bit old and the technology is probably better. The negatives on it would be, that it can only scan the strips of negatives, roll of negatives or a slide for a 35mm sized picture. I have some old 126 and 110 pictures so they don't fix properly into the slide converter and my dad has lots of old slides that used the 120 film so the slides are 6 cm X 6 cm and too big for this type of scanner. The quality is not bad but not great either, some photos come out a little too light or dark but again this scanner is older technology to the newer ones might be better. For what I am doing I am ok with the results but I really doubt that I would look at getting any of the pictures printed from these digital ones. Going to a professional would give you much better results but it would also be pretty pricy!

  2. Very time consuming, i did this over one winter. But at least i have cloud storage and copies of them all saved on dvds

    1. Yes, it is very time consuming especially because I am a little OCD about our pictures and like to have them in chronological order and labeled as much as possible.

      We don't use the cloud but we have the pictures saved to each of our computers and then also on a thumb drive and an external hard drive. We will leave one copy of the pictures with someone, just in case something happens to our computers. I want us to have several copies, just in case because photos can't be replaced.

  3. Beautiful photos from the bike ride!

    1. Thank you! It was a nice day with some pretty scenery. :-)

  4. Enjoy the zoo, it'll be the perfect time to visit. The animals should be out roaming around.

    1. Thank you Barb, and yes it was a perfect time to visit. The weather was great and most of the animals were out and about. We sure had a good time! :-)


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