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Friday, August 20, 2021

New sandals, and Sydney the cat...

Starting Saturday evening, we will be house and cat sitting for the next five weeks. So yesterday, we drove over to the community of Manotick just south of Ottawa to say hello to the couple who own the house, and to meet Sydney the cat.

We were supposed to be looking after two cats. But when we arrived, we were told that they had lost one. At first, we took that to mean it had passed away. But it was only ten years old. 

As she told the story, we realized that they had literally lost it. It got outside and simply never came back. It's been ten days now, so they're now not expecting it to come back. Too bad.

And Sydney the cat isn't typically the friendliest. She takes a while to warm up to someone. But Ruth is the cat whisperer and had no problem petting Sydney.

Sydney is a Scottish Fold breed.
Her ears are always sort of laid down.

Nice home, with all the toys... so we'll be spoiled for five weeks. We even have a weekly house cleaner! And the neighbor cuts the grass in the big yard so there's really not much work around the house that's necessary. Big, well equipped kitchen. 

Nice. We are so lucky this all came together. The owners are off to Greece and then Netherlands on Saturday afternoon, and they've given us a key so that we can arrive Saturday evening or Sunday morning depending on when our auction stuff finishes up on Saturday.

On the way there, we had stopped at the Outlet mall to get me a pair of sandals. The only footwear I have here is the almost two year old hiking boots that I arrived in and it was getting to be a pain taking them off and putting them on just to run outside the house for something.

These will do.

They're a Canadian brand called Softmoc. For $56 CAD tax included ($44 USD, €37) I think they look well made and should last a long time. They have a comfortable gel sole, although the leather is a bit stiff and might take a while to break in.

Our flight map since 2012.
You can see the full version at

Since we started traveling by air after our dog Whiskey passed away in 2011, we have been on 99 different airplanes! And 11 different airplanes already this year.

Lots of work to do today as all the boxes get moved outside. Calling for a high of 31C (88F) and sunny.

Nice price drop on the eufy WiFi Video Doorbell.


  1. I don’t relish your task on the auction sale. You sure got a winner with your House Sitter

    1. We think an auction sale is way better than trying to sell things individually or having a garage sale. Everything is going smoothly and hopefully it will be a big success.

      We sure did luck out with our house sitting opportunity but so did they. It was a win win situation for us both. :-)

  2. That's why we like our housesits in Mexico. They all include maids and gardeners. What a deal! We have another lined up for January. Good luck with the estate sale. I know it will be a huge success.

    1. Honestly we don't mind a bit if we have to do the cleaning or gardening, we are just so happy to have a house sit and not have to rent an Airbnb for the remainder of our time here in Ottawa.

      Thanks Chris, we sure hope that it will be a big success too and that we will be able to get rid of most of the stuff here, that is our biggest objective! :-)

  3. Wow,you two are doing well! Good luck on your sale!
    Rawn Stone

    1. We have been busy this week that is for sure.

      Our fingers are crossed that everything goes well for the sale and that we get a nice big crowd and get rid of most of the stuff here. We really don't want to move it again!

  4. Welcome to the tick! Hope you'll enjoy the time in the area. If you'd like, it'd be fun to meet up for a pint on a patio.

    Good luck with the auction today, its a beautiful day out!

    1. Thank you very much for the welcome! I have no doubt that we will enjoy the area. We are looking forward to getting out on our bikes and checking things out around the neighbourhood.

      Meeting up for a nice afternoon drink sounds like a wonderful idea, just send us an email at [email protected] and we will set something up.

      We had a wonderful day for the auction, other that being really hot it was perfect and everything went really well. We are so glad that that is now behind us. Now we have to work on the house to prepare it for sale. Things are definitely coming together.


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