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Saturday, August 7, 2021

Always fun to meet up with our traveling friends!

On Friday, we did what we think was our longest daily drive since we've had Max. It was about 80 kms (50 miles) to get back down to the town of Telgte to meet up with friends Dave and Bonnie!

We arranged a meeting spot at a municipal parking lot in Telgte that has specific sites for motorhomes, with coin operated electricity and water available. 

But there were only six sites available, so we planned to get there just before lunch hour in case it was busy. We left around 10:30am and around 11:30 we got a message from them saying they had arrived and there was one more empty site. And, the circus was in town!

We arrived shortly after 12 noon and the guy who was parked right in front of them was just leaving so we scooted in there.

Max parked in front of Romy.

The Trumpf circus.
Too funny.

So we're parked right beside the circus. maybe we'll go to the show today!

We said our hellos with big hugs. Lots of fun to get together again, and of course lots to talk about.

We're parked only 1/2 km from the center of town, so we walked over to see what there was to see...

Funny statue.

Downtown Telgte.

Love the buildings.

Central plaza.

Check out this guy floating down the river.

Somebody has a sense of humor.

This chapel is dated 1566.

Stopped in to buy some beer, and saw this big 1.0 liter can!

Bonnie made a big pot of chili and Ruth brought over a salad and desert and we had dinner and drinks in Romy. Lots of laughs and discussion about motorhomes and Europe and future travel. They have spent several years traveling Europe by motorhome, but also have traveled by sailboat and backpacking. Some of their past travels are on their blog at https://vagabonandave.com/

Bah... my attempt at a group selfie!
Bonnie, Ruth, Kevin, Dave.

Rain day so far today, but there is some blue sky in the forecast this afternoon.


And in Canada...


  1. If you do go to the circus, be sure to try the curry wurst at one of the stands, while you have a beer, of course. Some of these circus groups have the best wurst vendors!

    1. We didn't go to the circus after all but they are all set up in front of us and it is we didn't see any stand there selling food unless it was inside the tent.

  2. How does the coin operated electricity work? Picture?

    1. Kevin will post a picture and explain it in our next post.

  3. Would love to go to see that circus. Our corner beer vendor near Pembroke sells Faxe beer. Not in that size though!

    1. It is just a very small circus so I don't think it would be one that would be a fantastic show to see, definitely geared to the kids.

      So funny that you can find that beer in Pembroke, guaranteed that smaller size of beer was more than double the price of the big beer that Kevin was holding!

  4. Just wondering, My wife and I can't be the only ones not getting your blog via email. It's been about 3 weeks now. We're still going to your website every couple of days and reading from there. It's so much easier with email. Take care.

    1. We don't know what to say, Kevin is getting his notifications for the blog posts so it is definitely working. Have you tried resubscribing to see if that works. I know a while back blogger stopped it's notifications and we had to switch over to the follow.it feed burner for sending out the notifications and people had to subscribe to it. Other than that, we just don't know what to say.


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