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Thursday, August 19, 2021

Cameron's watermelon pics

Another day of organizing auction stuff. We're actually just about done as much as we can do for now. There is nothing left in the basement except for our stuff which we will go through today. And upstairs is pretty much empty except for the heavier furniture.

When we had sold our house in 2007, we ended up with about a dozen Rubbermaid storage bins and had whittled that down to three over the years. As time went on, we just couldn't justify keeping the "stuff" and wondered why we kept most of it to begin with. 

But then when we retired Sherman last fall, all of the stuff that was in Sherman went into some of those storage bins. Now, we will include most of it with the auction stuff just for the ease of getting rid of it.

The auctioneer came to see us yesterday evening and we went over everything. We had been a bit unsure of how we were boxing things up, but he says we're doing great. Nice guy... good sense of humor, and he sure knows what he's doing.

We have to have everything outside for 8am Saturday morning. Everything! We'll be up early that day. Good thing the weather forecast for Saturday looks decent. Hot, and maybe an afternoon thunderstorm, but otherwise good. 

Our daughter sent us grandson Cameron's annual watermelon pic. She started doing this when he was about a year old , and has tried to do one every year. I think she missed a couple of years...

This pic cracks me up!

Six years.

Nine years.

10 years.

Too funny.

And our son Alex, his girlfriend CJ, and their dog Lucy came for a visit yesterday.

Lucy is a Wheaton Terrier.
She's only one year old, and she's such a good dog.

Lucy, Alex, and CJ.

We had a good game of cards with them last night, and they've already headed out this morning but we'll see them again over the weekend.

Today, we meet up with our house sit people and the two cats we'll be looking after.

Record low deal on a 128GB Lexar MicroSD Memory Card.

And a wide variety of Thermacall Mosquito Repellant Products are on sale today only.

And in Canada...


  1. LOl, we look forward to seeing Cameron's watermelon pictures for many years to come! :-)

  2. I love those watermelon pictures -- what a treasure to have them all!

    On a completely different subject, you had posted that a lot of your readers were no longer getting the daily notification emails from I was one of those. Today I finally looked into my gmail spam box on the web, and there they all were! In addition to all the notifications, all the comments and response emails were also in there. And there were many other legitimate emails from other blogs and companies I do business with in my spam box. So it appears that gmail has changed their spam-blocking algorithm to make it much more strict lately. I marked all of these as "not spam", so let's hope they start coming through to my inbox after that. You might want to mention this in a future blog post, as I am sure many of your readers use gmail email addresses. So annoying, eh?!

    1. We love those watermelon pictures too. We always look forward to the newest picture of Cameron.

      So glad that you figured out where those notifications ended up going and that there wasn't a problem with after all.

  3. Love the watermelon pics, great idea! Actually, enjoy seeing all your family pfotos! Good luck with your sale Saturday. You’re almost done with everything and can soon relax and enjoy your family before heading back to your future adventures. Take care!!!!

    1. We love Cameron's watermelon pictures as well. Each year we look forward to seeing the newest one.

      Thank you Connie and Barry, we hope that everything goes smoothly for the auction and so far it certainly seems to be. We are definitely looking forward to relaxing and spending some quality time with the family. :-)

  4. I love Cameron's watermelon pics. What a great idea.

    1. They sure are a great way to see the changes in Cameron over the years. We look forward to seeing all of his future pictures. :-)


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