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Wednesday, August 18, 2021

We'll get out and do our walk early before things warm up!

There's a really good circular walking route that we follow here in Galetta. It's exactly 5 kms (3 miles) and it's got a few small hills so it's really good exercise when it's done at a fast pace. As a bonus, it's really quite scenic too.

When we've done it in past years, our time for doing such a walk is usually about 45 minutes. That's a decent pace for walking, and we're definitely sweating when we're done. It's a good workout.

But when we were at Frankfurt airport waiting for our flight to Toronto last Friday, Ruth slipped on somebody's spilled coffee. She kind of landed on her hip, and had a bit of a limp for the rest of the day. So to give it some rest, I did the first walk on my own and managed to do it in 40 minutes. 

The next day, she thought she was well enough to come with me, but she dropped back and only ended up doing about half of the 5 kms. I did it again in 40 minutes. Yesterday, we did the whole thing together and did it in 45 minutes, but she did say she was a bit sore when we finished.

I use a mapping program to keep track of our stats.

I don't think I could do it in less than 40 minutes without breaking into a jog at times. I've never had much interest in running, but I do have a bit of a personal goal to bring the time down some more. Maybe I could jog at times.

Ruth, trying to keep up with me.

Horses in a field.

Our son is a runner. He's done a few half marathons and a full marathon. I don't have any ambition to do that, but I do think I could work myself up to a 10 km run. Maybe I'll try doing two circuits of our 5 km route and see how I do. I'm pretty sure I could easily keep up the same 40 minute pace for two circuits. 

It must run (haha) in the family. My great grandfather was a speed walker. He belonged to a club in the UK and they once had a competition to see how many miles you could walk in 24 hours. My mother has his medal with his statistics engraved on it. It took place in 1909 and he speed walked 107 miles (170 kms) in 24 hours. 

That's amazing because that works out to a similar pace that we do for our 45 minute power walk. 

He was 39 years old at the time.

The old railway bridge.

You can see Ruth's dad's house from this angle.

The summer heat has returned to this area. Supposed to get up to 30C (86F) for the next few days with a daily thunderstorm. It's always humid in this area when that happens, so it's an uncomfortable heat. We'll get out and do our walk early before things warm up!


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  1. I find running to be painful drudgery. Make mine a bike.

    1. I think we are on the same page as you Creigh. We love hiking which we think is very different from running and we enjoy a great bike ride.

    2. We have great hiking nearby, and every time I go I think I should do it more often. But cycling is so convenient that's the default...

    3. We can understand that! You can also cover so much more ground on a bicycle.

  2. Running is a part of our culture...run before sunrise and shout to clear the lungs, but later generations few run anymore. I ran when I was younger into my late 50's. My friend in her 70's still runs daily and plays women's basketball. They were champions for seniors last year.

    1. I guess it depends on where you live as to finding younger people running because we certainly see it quite a few out running but in general, no people don't run and not nearly enough people get out and just walk at a good clip. We definitely see lots of people out on bicycles though, especially in the Netherlands!

      Sounds like your friend is doing great, good for her. :-)

  3. I did a few 21K when I was in my forties. Now it's just speed walking although I try to get a few kms in running. I used to love daily 10k runs. It really made my day. I'm looking forward to the estate sale. Good luck!

    1. I think before we sold our house I was probably up to about 5 km jogging but never running. We will stick to our power walks, hiking and biking, we enjoy these activities.

      We are looking forward to the estate sale too, it is going to be an interesting day. Hopefully we will see most of the stuff gone by the end of the day!


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