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Where are Kevin and Ruth now? Manotick (Ottawa), Ontario. Canada.

Where are Kevin and Ruth going next? Greenwich, Nova Scotia, Canada on October 3rd.

Saturday, August 28, 2021

Finally made it out for a bike ride

We hadn't been on our bicycles since September of last year! Almost a full year ago. 

The hot weather finally broke yesterday, and with some cooler temperatures (high of 24C, 75F) we went out fairly early to get some exercise before heading back up to do some more work at the house. There is a long mixed use rail trail near here, so we headed over there to see what there was to see.

But we had to take it easy. Cycling uses some different muscles, so we only went out for an hour.

Out for a bike ride.

And then we hopped in the car again to go back up to the house. Made a stop at the Home Depot to get some painting supplies. Man, that stuff has sure gone up in price since we owned a house! A gallon of their cheapest wall paint and a gallon of their cheapest concrete floor paint plus a couple of cheap rollers and it was pretty easy to drop $112 CAD ($89 USD).

I got the basement walls completely done yesterday afternoon. I was on a roll and wanted to finish the floor too, but it was already 4:30pm and if I stayed to do the floor it would be into the evening before we got back home. We decided to call it quits and I'll do the floor this morning.

In the evening, I posted the advertisement for the house on one of the free platforms...

It should be ready to list on the MLS website by the end of the weekend. 

On another note, I received a batch of mail from our residence address in Saskatchewan. We don't receive much in the way of snail mail... it's pretty pointless when it's so easy to do everything online. There was a bunch of junk mail from our bank (what a waste, when you are signed up for paperless internet banking!) and a few other useless pieces. But there was a cheque (check) as well! A $30 refund for our motorhome insurance because the Saskatchewan government insurance plan didn't pay out as much in claims during Covid as they normally would have, so they gave us some money back. Only $30, but it was a nice surprise anyhow.

Decent deal on this 256GB MicroSDXC Card.

And in Canada...


  1. Beautiful house! Sad to see family home go :-(

    1. It is a beautiful home but it needs a family in it once again. There are lots of memories there but they will stay in our hearts and our heads, it is time to let it go.

  2. The pictures of the inside were so much prettier than I imagined. 353 views already so I'm sure you'll have no problems selling if. I've never heard of a sealed bid sale and wondered if it was a popular thing in Canada or if I'm just unaware of it?

    1. It really is a beautiful home. My dad put lots of work and love into making it a home, and doing his best to keep it traditional.

      We don't think we will have a hard time selling it, especially once it hits the MLS listing.

      No, a sealed bid isn't really a popular thing in Canada but it makes selling the house easier for both the buyer and the seller. We don't want to be greedy, we just want a fair price both for us and for the buyer without all the hassles that can go along with a normal type of sale.

  3. That house looks really looks,really nice!I hope it sells fast,good luck on selling fast. Good luck!Rawn

  4. Ruth, your father's home is beautiful (after all the work you did), and if you were in the US, it could go for $100K over listing! Not sure if that applies to Canada, but the market here is super crazy right now. If we were looking for a place in Canada.... Best of luck with the sale! It was also great to see the two of you getting out for a bike ride. Looked like a lovely day and place for it!

    1. It is a beautiful home and we think that it will sell quickly, at least we are hoping that it will.

      The housing market was crazy here in Canada back in the winter and spring time with many houses going of $100-150K more than the asking price. Since late May or so though it has cooled off a lot because the federal government has imposed a higher stress level test which means that anyone wanting to buy now has a higher minimum financial bar that they must meet. This means that anyone getting a mortgage now has a higher minimum threshold for a mortgage to make sure that they are able to pay it off if rates go up. By doing this, it has now reduced the amount of buyers so there aren't all these crazy bidding wars now, or at least they aren't as common.

      It felt so good to get out on our bicycles for a change. We are headed out on them again today, this time we are going to bike over to our daughter's place. :-)


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