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Monday, August 2, 2021

We are back in Germany

Netherlands was interesting and we're glad we went, but it's not a country that "wowed" us. We plan to return one spring in a future year in order to see the city of Amsterdam and the tulips. Otherwise, we would not purposely return there to spend any length of time.

It rained again yesterday morning and we didn't leave the little campground until almost 2:00pm. We then headed for the border, and the German town of Rhede.

Sorry for the out of focus photo, but this is another good example of a big farmhouse with the barn attached to the house.

German border, 1 km.

And this is all there is to show that you are crossing the border.

No problem finding the town of Rhede (pop 20,000). We are back in Germany and it's much easier here to find both free camping spots and motorhome service facilities for emptying and refilling tanks. Most small towns have free or low cost motorhome parking, and Rhede is one such town with a big parking area at their sports park grounds.

Max, parked at GPS 53.05871, 7.275932

There was one other motorhome when we arrived, but it disappeared later and we were the only ones all night.

After supper we went for a walk around town to see what there is to see.

They have a nice little pond with a walking path around it.

The old Rhede church.

There was an informational sign about the church, and it was in German, Dutch, and English.

One of the things we found about Netherlands was that the vast majority of informational signs were in Dutch only. Netherlands gets a lot of German tourists, and I had read that this bothers them because not many Germans speak Dutch, but quite a few speak English. We were also surprised that the signs in Netherlands didn't include English.

Odd steel entrance door to the old church.

This church isn't used as a church anymore. The sign said that since 1964 it has served as a regional memorial to the victims of the World Wars and Nazi tyranny. It was built in 1470.


Lots of sheep!

Scenery along the way.

The new church.

Built in 1912.

Yesterday's drive, 46 kms (29 miles).
You can use the + and - buttons on the bottom right to zoom in or out to get a better idea of where we are.

And we are here for a reason. The nearby small city of Papenburg has a big inland shipbuilding company called Meyer Werft. They are currently building the new 4,000 passenger Disney cruise ship "Wish" scheduled to launch in May of 2022. I learned that the company has a really interesting visitors center where you can see the progress and learn how cruise ships are built. 

We have tickets for the 1:00pm to 3:00pm time slot today!

Record low deal on the popular Sight Word Swat learning game.

And in Canada...


  1. Seeing how those ships are built would be interesting. After seeing them in port I have no interest in being on one.

    1. I totally agree with you on both accounts but Kevin said he would still like to do a cruise one day, just because he has never been on a big ship like that whereas I have and I personally don't think he would enjoy it much.

    2. Cruising is not my favourite type of vacation, just because I like to explore a place a bit more in depth than a cruise allows you to do. But I do like to throw one in the plans every couple of years for variety. It's kinda nice travelling through the night and watching up in a new destination every morning. And, of course, the food and entertainment is usually top notch.

    3. We are the same, we love exploring places and not have only a short time to do it in but I know some people that say doing a cruise they get to see lots of different places and the ones that they like they can got back to on another trip to see more of it and the places around it properly. I guess everyone has their reasons for doing cruising or not doing them. Honestly though I don't think Kevin would be thrilled doing a cruise, I know that I certainly wasn't but when I did my cruise it was only a four day "party" cruise with work.

  2. There are two shipping canals near Kiel, just south of the Denmark border that always interested me. They join the Baltic and North Seas and ships use this shortcut. Also, my husband's father was from Heiligenhafen, due east of Kiel. It is mostly a summer resort town but another place on my Germany list. I lived in Germany many years ago but down in the Nuremburg area. I never visited any part of Germany north of Frankfurt.

    1. Those two shipping canals sound interesting. Hopefully when we head up to Norway next spring/summer we can stop by them and watch a few ships go through.

      Sounds like you are due for a trip back to Germany, there is so much to see north of Frankfurt but I think you have lived in the most beautiful part of Germany, down where all the mountains are! :-)


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