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Saturday, August 21, 2021

Ready for the auction!

Well, the big day is here. It took five of us pretty much all day to move almost everything outside. Only the larger furniture items remain inside. 

But it was pretty warm trying to move all that stuff around when the temperature was 32C (88F). We took a lot of breaks and drank a lot of water.

But other than the heat, it looks like we're going to get lucky with the weather. There is a 40% chance of a thunderstorm around 2:00pm which is typical of when there is so much heat and humidity. Otherwise, there is no rain in the forecast until 8:00pm this evening. I guess we'll see.

Everything set up outside.

How can one guy own this much stuff?
Surprisingly, there is no kitchen sink!

Glass bottles and winemaking.

Too much stuff.

Shop stuff.

Woodworking stuff.

More woodworking machinery.

And more.

Lots of nice wood.

Lots of power tools.

And more woodworking tools.

Yes, even the trailer is for sale.

And a heavy duty wood splitter.

More stuff.

We are up at 5:30am to finish getting set up while it's still cooler out. The grandkids are coming up to set up a cold drink stand. I bet they do well!

Talking to the auctioneer the other day, he said the final tally is always difficult to guess because every crowd is different. He said it would be between $6,000 to $12,000. 

My personal guess is $10,000... we will find out by 4:00pm this afternoon. When all is said and done, he strokes a cheque on the spot for the full amount, less his 18% commission. Auctioneer commission rates range anywhere from 5% to 30% depending on the value of the goods being sold, and when we showed him around the first time he was here, he came up with the 18% figure. 

While that sounds high (he could make $2,000 for the day) he also has two helpers to pay and he does all the advertising and driving back and forth. 

It should be an interesting day!

Record low deal on the Tineco Cordless Stick Vac

And in Canada...


  1. Wow! Just W.O.W ! Amazing, so much stuff !!! Good luck with this auction !

    1. Yeah, I think we said WOW a few times as we kept bringing out boxes of stuff. There was a fair bit of stuff that was decent but there was also a lot of junk. It really is amazing how much stuff you can accumulate in a lifetime if you don't keep culling it as you go.

      Lots of mixed emotions going through me yesterday, I was happy to see the stuff go but also sad to think of the memories that went with some of it.

  2. Looks like the possessions of a talented, interesting man who enjoyed life!

    1. Yes, he was definitely every one of those things. It is funny because some of the items that were sold were items that he bought a auction sales and then he fixed them up, sanded the wood and stained them. I am pretty sure some of those items went for a higher price than what he paid for them but he put lots of man hours into making them beautiful.

  3. Yes, best of luck at the auction. People are going to find treasures, for sure. (Nice to see the items move to happy new "acquirers" in such an efficient way!) I imagine a few beers and glasses of wine to toast your Dad(and Mom) and to celebrate when today is done.....

    1. Thank you very much! The auction went really well yesterday and yes many of those items will go to happy new homes but I also think a lot was bought up by flea market type of people. They buy up a load of stuff and then they shine things up and put them out to sell for many times more than what they bought it for.

      A beer and wine with dinner definitely went done well. We are glad to see that part behind us now. Next we have to work on the house itself! We will do the toast to my mum and dad tomorrow (Monday)!

  4. Good luck in the Auction. What a lot of stuff.
    Wishing ye all the best in the sale of the house.

    1. Thank you Nora!

      Yep, that is a lot of stuff. Hard to believe that someone can accumulate that much stuff over a lifetime. Lots of memories there too.

  5. I still can't get over how much his possessions look like my in-laws'. My FIL was a devoted woodworker, and he had a zillion power tools, large and small, plus lots of wood as well, and for awhile he made wine too. He also had lots of gardening tools. It's amazing how much accumulates over a lifetime. I hope the auction went smoothly, and how nice to get it all done with in one day!

    1. Definitely sounds like your father-in-law and my dad were very similar with their love for woodworking!

      My mum was the gardener in the family though. My dad would help her with the big stuff but the the gardening itself was mostly her. He tried to keep it up after she passed away but he could never look after it the way she did.

      The auction went well, we had a beautiful day for it, other than being really hot but at least it never rained. Pretty much everything was sold other than a few items, unfortunately not everyone took "all" the stuff that they bought. Some people would by a box of goods only to take out the one or two items that they really wanted and then leave the rest, thankfully most people took away everything they bought whether they wanted it or not so we don't have to much else to get rid of.

  6. Hope your auction went well! My, your dad had a lot of treasures for sure!

    1. The auction went well, thank you!

      Yes, he certainly had a lot of treasures but he also had a lot of junk!

  7. That's good. Too bad yhe auctioneers don't require the winners to take away the full lot they won.

    1. The winners of the bids are supposed to take away everything that was included in the bid but obviously not everyone follows this rule and it is hard to enforce because you don't know if they actually left and are coming back for more or what as there are so many people milling around. What was left over really isn't too much to deal with when you consider how much was there to start with.


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