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Monday, August 23, 2021

Family reunion and the price of bacon

So Ruth and I are now pretty much moved into our house sitting home for the next five weeks. We're located near the village of Manotick which is a kind of a trendy upscale village with a lot of very high end homes that line the Rideau River.

But we're a little unfamiliar with what are the best (least expensive?) grocery stores in the area. We ended up at a Your Independent and Ruth went inside while I stayed in the car.

We found out later from our daughter that this is one of the more expensive grocery stores around. Normally the Your Independent chain are okay, but I guess because this one is located in Manotick the prices are higher. A dozen eggs was just over $4.

Ruth was looking for bacon, but it seemed really expensive. She decided on a big 1kg package (2.2 lbs) but couldn't find the price for it. When she got to the cash, it was $22!!! Holy crap! It's not steak, it's bacon! Needless to say, she didn't buy it.

We were meeting at Lindsey's house for a family BBQ with Ruth's side of the family. It's been a long time since they were all together at the same time. Ruth's sister lives in Hamilton (the other side of Toronto) so they don't make it up here very often. It was really hot, but we were okay staying in the shade, while the kids had fun playing in the water sprinkler and with the squirt guns.

Our daughter Lindsey, nephew Marshall's wife Megan, and her daughter Mavis.

Ruth's brother Colin and his wife Brenda.

Me, Marshall, and Melissa (Ruth's nephew and niece).

Our granddaughter Sadie having some water fun.

Melissa's son Dominik.

Our son in law Justin (Lindsey's husband) with our son Alex in the background.

Colin's son Matthew doing the cooking.

Lots of food.

Ruth's sister Lesley.

Ruth made Black Forest Cupcakes.

Kids staying cool.

Sadie's birthday is coming up and she received an early gift.

Our son Alex helping Sadie with her new craft set.

There's a Foodland grocery store a five minute walk from Lindsey's house, so Ruth and I walked over there to see what the price of bacon was there. Who knows, maybe it would be on sale. Anyhow, we got there and I had forgotten my mask so I waited outside while Ruth went in to check. 

While I'm outside waiting, I'm just pacing up and down the sidewalk when I spot what looks to be a $5 bill lying in some dirt beside somebody's old facemask. I walk over, and sure enough that's what it was! Bonus! Ruth walked out with two packs of bacon that were on sale for $5 each, or $4.50 if you bought two. So, $9 minus the $5 I found meant we only paid $4 for 750 grams (1.5 lbs) of bacon. Nice!

Busy day today... we've got our son Alex and his girlfriend CJ coming over for breakfast and then we have to drop off our rental car because we have the use of a car here at our house sit. Then at 2:00pm up in Arnprior we have a short graveside service for Ruth's dad that we were unable to have last November when he passed away. We've got to pick up a few things that we left at the house in Galetta, and make a plan for the work we are going to do to the house over the next week or so. 

Decent price drop on this Igloo 33 lb Countertop Ice Maker.

And in Canada...

Mizuno Running Shoes for men and women.


  1. Look for Food Basics, Dollarama and Giant Tiger for the best bargains.

    1. There is no Food Basics that is close to Manotick or Osgoode but yes, we will plan our outings to include a stop there. Dollarama, doesn't normally have the type of food we are looking for but Giant Tiger often has some good deals and there is one in Manotick, I never thought of it for bacon though, so we should have stopped in there.

  2. Pandemics, hurricanes,and bacon shortages, oh my.

    1. We haven't bought bacon in ages so we weren't even aware of a bacon shortage but apparently there is. Guess we will be back to not buying bacon after this lot is gone unless we see it on sale. We are always learning something new, lol.

  3. Everything is better with bacon. Even movies with Kevin Bacon attract crowds!

  4. Hi, Ruth & David. We’re just wondering how you find your house sitting places. Is there an app or website you use?

    1. Hi there, it is actually Ruth and Kevin not David.

      This house sit was through a friend of ours. She normally sits for them but she had already committed to another house sit already so she knew that we were looking for one and passed on our name to them. Otherwise yes, there are apps and websites that we have used in the past. One that we like is and another one that is good is there are others but we think these two sites are probably the best.

  5. Ruth, some good news, at least for my wife. She got your blog via email today, I didn't. She is now forwarding it to me until I start receiving. Take care.

    1. Good to hear! Do you use a gmail account for your emails? If so try looking in your spam box. Another reader was having the same issue and one day she happened to look in her spam emails and all the notifications had been going in there, so gmail must have changed something recently that had caused the email notifications to go there rather than in her normal inbox. After she did that, I looked in mine and also found a few notifications to other blogs there as well.

    2. I hardly check gmail. My primary account is with Xfinity Comcast and back when I was getting your notifications, a lot of times they were in my spam box. I'm going to check gmail if I can remember my sign-in stuff.

    3. If your notifications had been set up with Comcast then they wouldn't be in your gmail account but they could possibly have gone into your spam box in Comcast!

  6. Your food all looks so good -- and healthy! Love the salads and bright veggies! And yes, there is a bacon shortage -- I had no idea until I saw a headline on the newsfeed on my phone the other day. Glad you found a good deal. I just replied to a newer post, as the notification for this one was in my spam box on gmail. D'oh! I did get the notification for today's post, though, so perhaps they have figured it out now.

    1. The food was delicious and for the most part very healthy. :-)

      We had no idea either, guess we won't be buying bacon again unless we manage to find it on sale.

      Kevin said that if it goes to your spam box, to make sure you highlight it and then click "not spam" and then it should filter it out of spam and into your normal inbox in the future.

    2. Yes, I did that the first time I found so many notifications in my spam box, but it's not a fail-safe, as another one came in after that and still went to spam. But they seem to be coming thru to my inbox now, yay!

    3. So glad that they seem to be coming through again. :-)


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