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Friday, August 27, 2021

How the other half lives

Our morning power walk takes us through a very wealthy neighborhood. On our 5 km (3 mile) route, we pass by many multi million dollar homes. Even the house that we're living in is a beautiful home, but it doesn't compare to these mansions.

I bet we could live a good life just on the amount these people spend on utilities and maintenance!

I'm sure most of them have landscape people and gardeners and pool cleaners and alarm systems. And don't forget property taxes. But, of course it's all just a drop in the bucket to most of these people.

Of course these homes have at least a three car garage. Some have indoor swimming pools. 

Only one home in the neighborhood is for sale. Asking price is $3.2 million.

When I look at homes such as these, I always wonder where the money came from. Of course there are lots of possible answers. 

We were up at Ruth's dad's house again yesterday. I measured all the rooms for the listing. Figured out how much paint and the colors I needed for the basement. 

Oh, and I bought a For Sale By Owner sign and stuck it on the front lawn. Just based on that alone I have received three phone calls already from interested parties.

Back up there today to do some painting.


And in Canada...


  1. I is not how the other half live, it is how the other 1% live

    1. True but I think the percentage here is higher than 1%!

  2. Not for me, we downsized from our acreage and retired. Less is better

  3. I agree, on top of the heating, cooling costs, property taxes are crazy especa6for those on the water. I've no interest or finances to support that lifestyle but love visiting our friends with pools on those 30+ days.

    1. Even if we had the finances we would never want to own a home this big, we are happy with small living. :-)


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