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Wednesday, August 18, 2021

How to pass the time on long motorhome journeys

Motorhome journeys can be long and tedious if you aren’t driving and can feel like enormous wastes of time. Reaching the destination is exciting, but the route there is rarely so interesting. 

However, when you tweak your perspective and have a few great activities to keep you busy, the time will fly by.

For example, if you treat the car journey as an opportunity to do activities, you wouldn’t otherwise find the time for - such as watching a classic film you never got around to or learning a new skill - you will realize that it is no longer wasted time at all.

Moreover, if you feel tired and just want to relax, then sticking in your earphones and putting on some music could be an option, and so is finding a game to play on your phone.

Of course, not all stimulation has to come from exterior sources like a book or a game because you could devise your own game to play with your fellow passengers. This will bring you closer together and can prove the most fun of all.

Here’s how to pass the time on long motorhome journeys:

You can play casino games on your phone

If you feel bored on a long car journey, finding a game to play on your phone could be a good option. While there are a multitude of titles to choose from, an increasingly popular genre is online casino games, including those on

Although you should understand that these types of games are played with real money and should be treated with respect, they can provide considerable levels of excitement and concentration, which could do the trick when you are looking to liven up a long journey. 

Play board games with your fellow passengers

If there are lots of you in the vehicle, then why not try playing a board game with your fellow passengers?

Although it may not be as exciting as other options, this is a great way of bringing you all together in a bonding experience, getting the holiday spirit flowing early and setting up perfectly for a wonderful holiday together. 

Alternatively, you could devise your own game, such as spotting different colored cars on the highways. 

Listen to music or watch a movie

One option to pass the time on a long motorhome journey is to plug in your earphones and listen to some music. It can often be enough to pass the time, especially if you have curated a great road trip playlist beforehand. Podcasts could also be an option because they can be entertaining and thought-provoking, helping you learn something new as you relax.

Similarly, you could catch up on your popular culture knowledge by watching a classic film you never got around to watching or bingeing a series which all your friends are talking about. Then, while it may have felt like a waste of time when you are at home, you can put it on a motorhome journey, guilt-free.