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Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Happy hour with Bob and Denise

We left Bluff, Utah and headed north to the town of Blanding. Just a short drive, and we sat at the library there and used the free WiFi while we waited for friends Bob and Denise who were coming south from Moab.

After they arrived, we had some lunch and then backtracked a little bit to a free campsite in a valley west of Blanding.

Once again, it was a beautiful blue sky day. Here some some pics of the scenery along the way...

Yesterday's drive, 44 miles (70 kms), 

Happy hour!

Sunny and Sherman... our free campsite for the night.
GPS 37.515248, -109.656764

Bob and Denise are headed a different route than us, but once again we will probably bump into each other again over the next week or two. Looking forward to the next time!

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And in Canada...


  1. Replies
    1. Yes, it is but even better for us is the mountain scenery that we will see in Wyoming and Montana. :-)

  2. Just wondering,

    How long has it been since you were in Canada and can you leave Canada indefinitely and continue to travel?

    1. We left Canada on November 5th, so technically we should be back in Canada by June 5th as we are allowed to be out of Canada for up to seven months in order to keep our provincial healthcare coverage as we are residents in the province of Saskatchewan. Not all provinces are the same but I do believe most are now. You can be out of Canada longer but then you are not covered for "Federal" healthcare but it can be reinstated after being back in the province for three months (I believe), some provinces have different requirements. Also if you remain outside of the your province or Canada longer than the seven months, you can always purchase private insurance to cover you when you return to Canada to cover you for the required reinstatement time.

      Now, this also is dependent on what countries you are traveling to because most countries have a required amount of time that you can stay within the country legally. As in the US you can only stay for 182 days and you must not over stay this time. Because we spent four and a half months in Mexico, we still have plenty of time to stay here in the US.

  3. By the looks of your road pics, are you reserving the roads for your own personal use, or are there that few vehicles out and about ?
    Manitoba's campgrounds are open and we have had no covid 19 for a while. Typical Manitoba summer. Hope it stays that way.
    Montana should be great. Sorta like Manitoba; a forgotten treasure.
    Enjoy your travels and stay safe.
    Stay safe and enjoy your tr

    1. We like to take the roads less traveled, and these pictures just prove it! :-) Honestly many of the roads that we travel on aren't all that busy and are literally in the middle of nowhere because they aren't the "normal" route for most people, plus we are often on the road early in the morning and many people still aren't out yet.

      Glad to hear that Manitoba is doing well with the virus, we have been keeping a close on on Canada as well as the US concerning that. I think Saskatchewan, Manitoba and New Brunswick have been the best number wise and are also some of the first to start opening things up again, just doing it slowly though. :-)

  4. The four of you are the envy of many rvers who are stuck at home. But we love reading about it! Have fun!

    1. That could be, although we do see lots of RV's out on the road, especially this past holiday weekend here in the US.


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