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Where are Kevin and Ruth now? Preston, Lancashire, England.

Where are Kevin and Ruth going next? Wyke, West Yorkshire, England on May 29th!

Friday, May 29, 2020

Seemed like business as usual...

We got on the road at about 9:00am. Finally, a day with very low winds, but warm... the high was about 86F (30C) with an overnight low about 60F (15C).

Had to do a few miles on the Interstate highway... speed limit is 80 mph (128 km/h) but of course Sherman toddles along at only 60 mph (102 km/h) on these types of roads.

We don't enjoy Interstate driving.

However, the road was in good condition, and there wasn't much traffic. 

Soon, we turned onto route 191.

Heading into the town of Price.

We stopped in Price to do one last grocery shop, booze shop, and fuel stop.

Ruth went to the Walmart Superstore and noticed right away that very few people were wearing masks which we found kind of odd since when we were in New Mexico everybody was wearing a mask. I realize that it was a Governor's directive in New Mexico, and there is no similar one here in Utah, but we just assumed there would be more people wearing masks. The employees were, but I noticed that as soon as an employee got outside, the mask came off right away.

Things are a little pricier here in Utah. They even have a 3% state tax on groceries! But, you have to eat.

And fuel was the most we have paid since we entered the states, at $2.14 USD per gallon ($0.79 CAD per liter). I only put in enough to get us up into Wyoming where it is cheaper.

And booze is more expensive. The 5 liter boxes of wine that we buy are up to $21 USD per box... in Texas they had been $15.

These last minute month end purchases will put us over budget for the month of May. But, it had to be done.

Back on the road, we carried on to the town of Helper where we stopped and had lunch.

Nice mural in the town of Helper.

From there, we took the 191 through the mountains towards Duchesne. We actually had wanted to stay up in the mountains because at 9,100' altitude the air is a lot fresher! But we just couldn't find a decent enough place to overnight.

In 20 miles (32 kms) the road climbs from 5,900' to 9,100'. Sherman had to work hard to get up there!

Looking back at our road.

Coming down the other side.

Our backup plan was the fairgrounds at the town of Duchesne. I had read that you could park there for free, and that there was a nice little park right by the Strawberry River.

They have recently installed 50 full hookup RV sites, but the hookups are only operational during events. We took one of the sites beside the little park and even have an unsecured WiFi signal.

Sherman, at GPS 40.157996, -110.39876

Around 5:00pm, vehicles began showing up, and we were surprised to see a girl's softball game take place. Seemed like business as usual! Whether or not you agree with the way they are doing things in this part of Utah, it was refreshing to watch something normal taking place. In between innings, they played music like "Take me out to the ballgame" and "Put me in coach"

It was fun listening to the game and hearing the crowd cheer!

After supper we went for a short walk... but there were mosquitoes!

We must be getting north. I got my first mosquito bite of the season!

We've been lazy with the exercise the past two days. Need to find somewhere to hike or bike today. But, we still have some driving to do as well, so need to get on the road. Heading up to the spectacular Flaming Gorge area!

Yesterday's drive 133 miles (213 kms).

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And in Canada...


  1. If you're going to Flaming Gorge via 191. check the switchbacks just north of Red Fleet State Park. They are very steep, don't know if they will be a problem.

    1. I was about to mention that! We stayed at Dinosaur National Monument last year and took 191 north at Vernal to Grand Teton. Those switchbacks were the worst I have ever done, we made it in our motorhome (and pulling a jeep) but it sure was slow going.

    2. No worries, Sherman has done this drive before, he may be taking it slowly but he will do just fine with it. Thanks for the warning though. :-)

    3. Sherman did just fine on the drive, this drive definitely wasn't his hardest climb or the sharpest switchbacks that he has ever done. The worst switchbacks that he has ever done were the ones going down and coming back up out of Tolantongo in Hidalgo, Mexico back in March.

  2. Due to the high population of Mormons and anti-drinking, the liquor stores in UT are run by the state. It's kind of common knowledge for those of us that frequent Utah not to buy alcohol in Utah. Nice to see the kids playing softball.

    1. Not to mention unless you buy beer at the state run stores everything is 3.2%

    2. We will have to remember that for the next time we visit Utah, thanks for the heads up!

      Yep, we couldn't believe when we looked at the receipt afterwards that there was even a 3.2% tax on FOOD, I don't think we have seen that anywhere in our travels.

      It was so refreshing to see them out there playing ball, we stayed in the motorhome though and just watched from a distance. Still it is nice to see a little "normalcy" coming back in the world again.

  3. Check out this killer boondocking spot in Wyoming. It is off hwy 191. See the blog post for details.

    1. We've stayed there! Pitch black and dead quiet.

    2. Kevin said that we should be passing by that area so we will try to make that an overnight stop. Thanks!

  4. Our kids are headed south to Flaming Gorge in the a.m. and will be at the Sea Doll at the marina at Manila. It's their favorite vacation spot. We've still been enjoying your blog even though we haven't commented much - hope the people you're encountering in the U.S. are friendly !

    1. I am sure that they will enjoy themselves. It really is a very pretty area and if they have a boat then there is even more for them to do here.

      We are encountering lovely people as we travel through the States, even though we really don't have a lot of association with people. Really, it is only when we go into town to do groceries. The odd time we meet people near our boondocking spots but not too often.

  5. Yes, here in New Mexico we are doing a pretty good job of wearing masks, and it's working. Nobody wants to bring an infection home to their family or to co-workers or to essential workers.

    1. I think that wearing a mask right now, especially as things start to open up and more people are out and about, isn't such a bad idea.

  6. We're still wearing our masks here in NC! 100% wearing them at the farmer's market this morning, and about 95% in the grocery store. Very impressive. Totally depends on the state and various other things (politics, education level, and how many cases are in a particular area). I'm not glad I am in a state where the cases are still increasing, but I am relieved that most NC residents seem to be taking this seriously and following the CDC and governor's recommendations for masks and social distancing.

    1. Yes, it does totally depend on where people are and with the political governing parties whether local or state. Luckily we have been going through areas where the COVID-19 virus numbers have been very low so I guess many of these small towns where they haven't had any issues just want to get back to "real" life once again.

      It seems that maybe the masks and social distancing aren't helping a whole lot if the numbers where you are, are still rising. I suppose it would be even worse without these precautions. I hope you keep safe and healthy there, that or you need to get out west away from it all.

  7. If you are heading north on 191 you will be passing us in Boulder WY just south of Pinedale. We are stationary in an RV park. They have dry camp availability with an operating small laundromat. Plenty of boondocking in the national forest and BLM land. Would love to wave as you go by - or you could stop and say hello.

    1. Yes, we will definitely be driving right by you but it probably won't be for a few days yet. Not sure that we will stay there but if there is somewhere nearby that we can stop and park for a short time, we could by all means stop and say hello.


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